A Little Brains, A Little Talent

Thanks for showing the technique on the ends to handle expansion.That just sets my anxiety through the roof.Yeah, AlphaZero is amazing, but I'm also impressed by Stockfish's defence.What happens at 2:36 if black moves toC7?I misread and thought it was called Lichess Tilted Arena.How much to order one?Gorilla glue interesting but not strong in the long run.If you have more pieces attacking a square as compared to pieces defending it, take.

On 20th move Queen d8 would have been checkmate.Otherwise, beautiful work.Naiyak ako ng hustokya ako ayko maging kaaway un kapatid ko.This is His Will His glory He gives to us so that we can glorify God.14:12 Said it like it's one of the hardest, yet this was the one I got the fastest xd.Time to execute burritos.Wow master engineering. great video, I always like watching these higher level games and learn a lot from then :).

RIP lathe precision surfaces.

RIP lathe precision surfaces.

This is far more relaxing than any meditation I've tried.11:00 Beautiful bishop maneuver.Remind me to animate this in 2 months and 9 days.000002 handshake is the norm.At that particular position the bishop was blocked.I want to photograph this guy.The video explanation it the LONG way around.He doesn’t like to troll, he is just stupid.Comment u tin :) like th haip.Are abortion clinics on here.

I feel it needs accessories.So I subscribed too.Ganun talaga pag wala kapang silbi basura ka sa tingin nilq,.This is why Magnus is world champion.If you capture with the king, the rook takes the king.

What is the name of the

What is the name of the

Hey freind what is your rating.What size is the board?I'm really liking this series, John.Can u make sure to put a temperature unit?This is new, and my favorite type.And don't forget to dislike plz.I wonder if you make your weapons by parcels or just by will.WTF WHO HAS THOSE FUCKING MACHINES IN HOME!1 of them has been a big supporter of Donald Trump.


Abe lauda mera


7:53 i have thoes exact same water glasses

Ryan Stephens

Love videos that get straight to the point.

Mark Glenn Ebreo

that hello everyone was loud lol

Muthu M

worst BGM

Bob Free

karpov was very good but no fischer. nope bobby was too many moves ahead of anyone i saw on youtube an watched all the games.

Quintin Castro

Coding videos help me fall asleep

Chetan Pandit

Chetan.Tal's move King to H1 was not for saving a tempo, as commented by you. Whether black first takes H2 pawn and then white king moves, or whether white king moves first and then black takes H2 pawn, the tempo status is same. And if white moves king first, and then black doesn't take the pawn, white has lost a tempo unnecessarily. Tempo is not the reason. The correct reason for king to H1 is - Tal has already planned pawn to F4, which would open the C5-G1 diagonal. And he has also seen the possibility of black's knight exchanging with white's dark square bishop at E3. Which would bring Tal's queen to E3. (which is what happened). Now, if Tal's king is still at G1, then black has to only exchange the knights at D4, which gets Tal's queen to D4, and is then pinned by the bishop, against the king. Hence king to H1, getting the king out of the open D4-G1 diagonal.

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Awesome table! Good work.

bruno skorniak

great job! especially like the lights! I build my diorama bases the same with the wood moulding. I get a case from the hobby store and just use the clear cover and build a base like you did with the wood. I like the metal corner pieces you put on there. Gotta find some myself. One word of advice:ALWAYS cut away from your body. Push the knife away from you rather than pull it toward you! Again awesome job!


what an amazing find, lovely,,, I have been looking for a decent 8 trk player for a while.

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Slightly Slanted Sleuth 3 4 Truth


M550 X

Bravo za video super videos, pozz iz Albania!

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Where can you get AlphaZero?

Turki Umairan

Very nice

Abel Wondafrash

Mad lad!


Awesome vid, thanks for all the great info!Just getting into thia kind of thing myself, also have a small diy CNC but I like hand-making stuff too.How thick is the board you started with?3"? 4?

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make my day and subscibe to my channel :)

Edwin Jacobellis

I'm sure you've addressed this somewhere else, and I know this video is pretty old, but we constantly hear "double check your moves" or "critique your plans" or some variant on make sure you arent missing something glaring, but how do you actually do that? I've always had an issue with trying to see a different way once I've come up with one idea, and its usually not until I'm shown its wrong (say in the tactics trainer) that the right move immediately presents itself in my head.So how do you start to be of two minds as to the lines you're thinking up?Thanks a lot man your content is the best :)


I would’ve just mates him with a rook


Great video!