Alexander McDonnell vs Louis Charles Mahe De La Bourdonnais

Now if Kxf1, then Qxf3 aur agar Kg1 then Qf1, aur agar Ke1, then firse Qf1 checkmate.Re4 because of 1.For remembering the nuance of innocence as a child.I was horrified.This is one of the deepest red colors that I have seen.You are the god of Arduino!Amazing without lubricant!

2020 18jt view gileeee.2:26 say who the hell is whiteblack, dummy.I found the biggest blunder at 2:28, as Bf7was the better move.Very annoying man.Hosh ek stem saam.Suggestion you should switch to a 16:9 aspect ratio.Backround song please.Hau an duoc hau khong.

Placing it in front of the fireplace

Placing it in front of the fireplace

For all those criticizing his play, I'd like to see YOU play a 1 minute game, time odds, against a strong player, and win all while making comments on the game.Please you guys better show handshakes at the end of video.11:17 WHY SO MANY TABS.Also, even in the given illustration, white is a pawn ahead and black's f-pawn is ghost.Where was the MOZZARELLA I EAT IT OOT THE BAG.And Kasparov knows he is really "rusty" as they say.Thanks for sharing Titan.ALWAYS say it until you completely and fully believe it.Where you get your squeeze bottle.

Leather is bulky and

Leather is bulky and

I like how you play chess calm place and a lot of calculation Explaining every move I reallyenjoy watching you play.Barish ke karan match ko yahi rokna pada or tie ho gya.Why is rob so cute.Time to watch and edit later  (edit part, never commented this comment if wondering why no edit) ah kings gambit, but doesn't the king not move in the king gambit?I am even more excited to watch next videos in the series.Up until 1:17marbles flying all over the floor.Sir kya ye projets banana sikha skte he.May mabuting puso at mapag mahal na anak ka kya ka nagttagumpay sa buhay.

Makes me think of Blue Man Band,

Makes me think of Blue Man Band,

It takes for moves to occupy the king's square with the Knight.TRUMP 2020 KAGREPUBLICANS all the way 2020!Nice design, love it.Passando pra agradecer o conhecimento partilhado.I played the same game in chess.That is an awesome idea!Before I cut it to length and put it into place for hammering."We are Americans!I never saw a video better.



$450 is a bit steep.You can make a Sith shocker from Star Wars?White : e3Fischer : "Let me show you how its doneBlack : e5.You are an educator.That bench combines practicality with beauty.1:46:01 wheres the mate in 2?0:05 all I can think of is "ah, Perry the Platypus, you have fallen right into my trap".StrategyFiend Thanks SF.

Very good, fantastic and

Very good, fantastic and

" No doubt 8-track was the worst consumer music content delivery medium ever brought to market, because of jambshred failures."yes there is a very tiny error, but those errors scale with the number of slices surely!Splash out on some Blu tac and a Bic maybe.Thos slides broke and people died its fucking damn bad but WHAT ARE THOS sorry 100000 fucking people died.Am I the only one that's worried about all the chemicals on a cheese board?

Why did he capture with the queen?It gives hope to those of us who take months to do a simple project!Buddha was born in Nepal not in India.I just know Eugene is a pillow princess.How did Stockfish not see b to h3?Just deposit money on pokerstars Every hand is a fuck rest lol.

Marc Weeks

Very nice, but no one resigns against the French Defense.

TSC Miles

Man, this video could have been 4 minutes.

anthony patterson

Western Michigan University admitting dangerous individuals with 68 IQ's.

Phillip Mele

Yoooooo that’s so dope.

Michael Peacock

Well, I think there is value in following someone else's rules for 8 hours a day in exchange for an education or paycheque.If we think we are too good for that I'd hate to see how that way of thinking pans

Stewie Griffin

I remember that guy in Z Nation from netflix

Gaming Kraken

I'm 14, learning how to program in Python, and I just completed my first project which was to make Tic-Tac-Toe in Python. 6 hours later, I had 168 lines of code, and my first real coding project complete. I check this channel and you did it in 30 minutes.stares in disbeliefSeriously though great job! I've always loved your videos and you've been an inspiration to me when it comes to programming.

Vadran Bishop

You think you can put the music playlist in the description? The song at 36:00 is awesome.


I play too many videogames for this crap. I am incredibly disappointed by the number of fails the researchers found.

Prince Kumar



Imagine if someone stole your first package, opened it and had a first impression "wow electronics i just got something valuable" then quickly realizing it might not be as valuable as wanted :D

Amit Patel

Please don't letter ward in chess bord


Okay but Keith’s was soooooo good!!!!!


Look at all the Mexican stores and the employees cannot speak ENGLISH, but work in the public stores! I moved to Germany, and I had to learn their language. I have a deaf son so I had to learn it as well. Older humans can learn the same.

Realplayz-Roblox Dang

Thank you very much for showing some beautiful games, Magnus. I am tired of searching for your new games.


how old was he againn?



cart simth

But blak kasa banaga

larry hill

never thought l would ever want to turn a project with resin well sir you have changed that

Azathoth Hastur

What I would love to see is the openbsd and freebsd guy join this and kick out the media scumbag


Utuh aplikasi caturnya apa yah bang

Football Fever

Gliding through the comment section only finding demotivated Big Macs’ joking SMH!

Andrei Stanculescu


dine youssef

Great staff.Many thanks.

Phi Nguyen

doggo <3

Shir Goldberg

I hope Frank knows that beer isn't gluten free (or is using one of the few gluten free beers)!!!


Please don't try and get me to buy things, such as irrelevant things like games. It has nothing to do with your content. And it lasted for over 3 minutes.