A Level Computer Science Chess Engine with AI NEA Testing

Well thats another meaning of "dropping a rook".Tbh I would just use the magnets.Not really cause I work at the airport y they ask to arrive 2 hours because we of to pack the cargo container and then take it to the airplane and then load the aircraft.In a day where technology can bring great intelligence, it is used topromote ignorance, fear and self defeat.

I plan on making the playing surface 12" thick.Still scared of the square.Caaaaaaarl that kills people.Dude just use Condiment Squeeze Bottles.Unremarkable exterior?Keep putting out the great videos!

Ne5 is not

Ne5 is not

Grabe naman yung anak nyang lalake.Love the table but not so much on the lamp.I love seeing Nakamura lose!I love them so much aaah yes the ending "love myself" that's right!Tapos nanakawin nyalang ang pera na pinag herapan.You have the look of man who enjoys checkers more.Drinking Listening MusicTalking with chatTalking with his friendSpeaking 2 different language time to timeAnd still winning.It is already an out-of-control situation.Stop putting your finger on your light!Why 'm I watching this shit high asf in the middle of the night.

Very nice man, what brand part

Very nice man, what brand part

Coding videos help me fall asleep.At this point just buy a maxed out PC from Maingear because why the heck not.Gravee na iyak ako dito.I love this, would be nice if we could see both times though.There are 64 squares.5:26 white can pack his bags and go home :) haaha.

Really awesome game king travelled

Really awesome game king travelled

Hate to admit it but I never thought of making wooden caps.Hi did you modify your riving knife on your DeWalt table saw or did you buy a aftermarket replacement.I can't figure out how to make the cut.Hello Majnu:I like your videos.By the way, your general silliness, YES!And performance for android game.Great work, love it.Minimum vertex covering is np complete problem.Awesome ( both Tal's game and ur vid.I'd never have noticed this until someone pointed it out on an electrical panel and made the comment "if they we're a craftsman these would be in line.

Happy birthday Vishy

Happy birthday Vishy

Wow I fell out of my bed indeed (my bedroom chair), you have a thumbs up and a subscribe just for the 2nd tip alone.Literally days away from 2020 and I'm just watching.You do amazing work.I had to reglue the entire mirror and the focusing lens, I have lots of "buzzing" that I interpret as the driver coil rubbing.In the other game, she could beat these 4 idiots at the same time.My sister needs one of these for her kids, so I know what I'll be building for next Christmas!LaserDock with actual lasers in 2016:$399SharperImage in 1988 (here hold my beer, grabs their cheap-o Laser FX): $200, or $434 in today’s money BPC black plastic crap it turns out wasn’t relegated only to cheap and overpriced audio equipment back then.I should point out that I have worked on this system for decades and it has always worked perfectly:1) Lose a pawn in the opening.The easiest way is go and buy 2 new batteries and we can use the working 4 the next time.When I play over the board, I sometimes get up and look at the board from the opponent side, never thought of doing it online with the flip board button!

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I just hear " YO MOE SOMETHING JUST RAN BEHIND YOU" and I freak out, and my heart races, but I calm down.... LMFAO

Crystal Reaper

Cool I live close to you ...

Barto Bruintjes

Nobody besides the factory workers have ever reassembled the orange and blue puzzle yet.


Great video.


I'd love a backgammon board

Leonardo Ehgartner

Thank you very much, John! Brilliant videos. I am watching and learning with your videos. BTW, AT minute 50:50Ajchess05 should have moved King to g7 and he would have your bishop! Thank you for your videos, I am learning a lot and applying those fundamentals, really works!!!

harKazoid86's N64 Hub

I love this channel great videos all the time! Nicely done WGM Shahade!

Edwin Rosa

Incredibly amazing

shamees dream world



Anyone else heard something other than "I factored it"?

sy cong tran

L quang lim s 1

Graham Leverick

I can more or less follow this, but I don't understand how the solution guarantees integer solutions at each of the intervals in between the start and the end of the problem. Any ideas?

Joo togeluga The 'cat'

19:41 no dont do it mech dont comit self die

Emily Victoria

You can tell Ben is a father lmao