Alekhine vs Reti - Vienna 1922

If I watched this interview at the end of the week instead of the beginning of the week I would be just shy of $50,000.Finely cut around the perimeter of the existing epoxy area all the way through the table and throw the card section out.Thanks for the video, but I think that GitHub can be used for sharing the source code.Thank you for sharing.Hey moe what u could do to is put baby powder on floor to see the footprints of the spirit.Macs are worth less.

Here's a thought - couldn't you have measured for the feet pilot holes without the feet?Where did you buy the square molds at?If it was a possibility, he wouldn't have overlooked it.2019 and still using this at church till this day.Thank u so much mam.Why is it that everytime i delete the cloud prefab and just set my parallax cloud game object with it,the cloud prefabs wont show up?

Interview whitney peyton.Sorry i dont get 7:50 all i see is an useless team mate dealing 0 dmg.Summing up: divide "ax2bxc0" by "a".2 days later the LED board failed.You play like a god.As long as the grid is square this will work if your allowed to choose the starting point.And now the White queen can check mate easily with the support of the Rook.Lol in roulette doesn’t the ball usually go the opposite way that the big wheel is spinning?I wonder how living being would look if they were projected in the fourth dimension.There is Neptune, Pluto and then Planet X.

If fact the whole lifting contraption should be made of metal.("Alice's Restaurant", Arlo Guthrie, 1967).Did you glue it the wrong way at 12:06.Listening to Magnus mercilessly criticize an almost 2900 player is quite the experience."wwwhhhhhhhooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOPP".I figure he must be fairly high listening to so many of ur vids.How could someone kill an innocent child.We don’t need to know you don’t like it.Xd (ab c) is much shorter.Took me 2 weeks Broke my heart.

) Aside from large hole saws though, does

) Aside from large hole saws though, does

Wow the simulation Bd7 really does make a great move, cause I possibly played all the possible variations and whatever the variation is, Mikhail Tal always has the upper hand both in positions and officials.What was the advantage?Thanka for the rest.Thank you Magnus for more content.I am curious to know what u guys think.

Toi thich trang

Toi thich trang

Amazed at the variety of jigs and tools you have.Love your videos!" a munch fest"13:30 "captures captures".9:35 i never thought id learn more about how to get gf from a bunch of chess nerds.And his algorithm is not something "new", Engines have been there for a long time.Thank you Jay, and hopefully you will win a few of your games.And way to represent memphis.(iSorry for garmeri).

Enrico Tornotti

But your Lie Nielsen plane?!?

rogger huamani


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Michelle Sands

I like the staircase coming up you can sit in the corner on side step The the house or mansion is a nice size I like it , What the hell !!! I wouldn't stay there time to move around . where a face mask when going in places like that . Much Love Live A Little Fam Out

KC Jones

OCD kicks in on the grain direction. I hate lengthwise on a checkerboard.


4:17 I think it was better. Qxa3 defending the pawn on d6 an having a checkmate in 6 if he made b3


Why the say capture? Don't you kill that piece

Steven P

So sarin won right ??


9:12 "You're about to see the fastest fingering in the west"Me: Very... strange... word choice...

Gary Cooper

Scrape wood challenge, Scrape wood challenge. To make a wood edge nice and round, I’ll make a plane from bits I found.

Cupcake Cockatiels that are finally not bots!!!!

I was actually thinking of uno cards muhahaha

Brandon Walker

You say that people are asking for harder problems is proof that you are teaching math but what if the problems are and have always been too easy for a subset of you viewers who are the ones asking for harder problems?

Mike Ivy

I bet u have thousands of orders for this! I’ve watched this before and I just had to watch it again. Ur mastery of skills, and ur medium are only matched by Your creativeness...thank you sir for allowing me into ur talented world. And I mean it, I bet u have thousands of orders for this! Bless u and ur family. Oh, I know the green house is sleeping, but how is it working for u? Good yield? Can u grow during winter?


How old are these kids? Very nice game.

Jadhav Police

nice game gunjan sir

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My favorite series from the ChessBrah, and almost all of chess lol. Thoroughly entertaining.


I have never heard of him and I'm pretty well read on serial killers.Perhaps the fact he was killed is the reason for that.

Notski777 Notski

At firts I tought it was 1800, then I remembered tht I had forgot the loss of 200 rs worth bag so I thought 2000. Then I realized that 1000 counterfeit was basically like a loan so it doesn't count. So the answer is -800 -200 worth bag = 1000


Just canceled my flight and trip to italy mann :(

Build Stuff with AJ

That turned out looking great! Keep up the good work!

7 Foot Schnitzel

I remember the Lichess Chat was screaming at the penguin to take the queen. Now we see why he didn’t

Live The Future


Luis Alberto Araujo

Duele la cola ytaliya

Helge Albjerk

What a great build! I got inspired by your first chess build, and made a set myself. Uploaded a video about it. I really like your style!