Ajedrez: Pepe Cuenca vs Jan Gustafsson

Thank you for sharing your expertise!Noegonoshame is my handle there on lichess big ups to you my G.Would love to see more of this style!

Is chip out with a planar typical?What is the best way to pack spears?So exciting for you.And thank got the 5 looks like a 5 and not an upside down 2 like those "genuine" ones.Where did you get the wall faucet?There is a new battle chess out on steam.

Sure about that?Repeat the process and X marks the spot.I appreciate your videos!EDIT: The more I watch the more I'm convinced that this should be on PBS."Math is the language in which the secrets of the universe are written.I'm not good at probability puzzles so I couldn't work it out analytically, but I can code a little so I wrote a program in python that runs the experiment a million times and then returns the average number of days it takes the mouse to end up in door 1 or door 7:from random import randomtally 0for e in range(1,1000001):mouse 4days 0while mouse !Thanks for uploading.Thanks Spotlight!Lol he is way more wild and eccentric than he let's on here.

So, why was

So, why was

I’ve subbed at 97.The lumber sold across the street from me is TERRIBLE!SuggestionNihal Sarin vs Ian nepoWBC 2019.I wanna go there Like if you wanna go to.At 3:10 you can take queen by right Bishop above the queen.Ok, one pet peeve on your video.Hahaha the animal sounds had me dead.Is there alternative to visual studio code?Master Lu Siqing is synonymous with Butterfly Lovers.Illegal move 5:37.

Filmmaking is a tough job.Who knew Chess could be this fun!He was only trying to make a point.They look great, you proving that to make something nice most important is the maker and not the tools.Can anyone tell me the number of possible chess games so that I don't have to watch the whole video?

I don't get anything you're saying!I always wonder, what if the defending units win the battle instead.That’s what sets people like him apart from the others.Repeat this move and you will be able to place four queens safe.Yeah if I had the tools you have, lol.You can always win if you never let nim play.

Em bit nc bt tt qua ng ri nhng vn xem.I just moved into a new house and decided to pitch my old (well used) sawhorses rather than move them.Incandescentiron.Dude, you have a great shop!It would affect the tone.It's an interesting question, and one that probably varies a lot depending on who you ask.Against weaker players or in blitz games it can be devastating.Of course as a man I am immediately interested in a woman.It's just so fucking illogical it set me offEdit: I saw someone gave an intelligent answer elsewhere in the comments, thanks.

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"Gromit we've run out of cheese!"


Joe Biden is not a likable guy.

Red Lex

Been watching you non stop....YO TOM MY BOOOY!

Azra Ates

peki bu satran tahtay nerden aldn

Robyne Williams-heller

I saw the title, you have my attention.!


That first game against Valera was spectacular!

thawhid sharkar


Stephen Horn

looks very promising. might want to push the dialogue level up in the sound mix a bit though

Chapter 7

Magnus looks like a mix between thor and taylor lautner from twilight


Thats racist .. white always wins in your videos

Bratya N

Please please do the Karpov series we will see so many great players and great matches ... Morphy beating the shit out of a bunch of NNs, while interesting enough, would be a much less interesting saga IMO. RALLY

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Nuvvu chapped em artam kavat ledu bhaya

Arvind Prasanna

It may seem rather silly to all the experts but would like to ask a question as i am not a chess pro.At the ending (10:07), when anderssen moved his light squared bishop from g8 to e6, why didn't morphy capture the pawn on h7 with his king? Thanks for your answer


gracias por ensearnos

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bruhh some one time stamp wen anwar starts talkin and when anwar stops talkin.

Asa Yagami

is Misi hungarian? (Mihaly?)

Good Cat

30:23 1. Nd4, Bc3 2. Nb3... 1. ..., Qa4 2. Qb3.

Zach Belcher

Whoever told Eric Hansen to stop whining is a total lad

Shashi shekhar Singh

You are brilliant

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Amazing, wish you had an online store


The recipe is good for me becouse i have no oven yet

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thanks for the fundamentals video!

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Sama ni anton

Jose Daniel Gemy Vargas

defensive carlsen level goat