Ajedrez: La inmortal polaca

Bh3 works though.A lot of quick games, amazing performances by Magnus and great analisys by Eric.Hello, Matthieu Libeert, your video has helped me a lot.

That is a real piece of art.Xe h7, hu n, th hu f6 chiu sau n hu chiu ht.Thanks for the vid KC, keep up the good work!Never thought Snooki would be in these videos.How long should I leave the wood in the steam for it to bend this way?Lalu yang upload sembarangan memberi judul agar banyak ditonton orang.Who is the with the long beard?

CAN YOU PLEASE GET A SILICONE WEDDING RING, I HAVE SEEN TOO MANY DEGLOVED FINGERS IN MY LIFE.This was a great video as always.So, you changed your name?With such success title could be "vs Jesus".CONGRATULATIONS.Holy sheit i'm early!All friendz like Subscribe my short movie.Granted, Shogi and Chess are fairly similar, yet completely different games.

Any tips for handling a project

Any tips for handling a project

He kind of looks like Ryan Gosling.Dami ko iyak aba waaaa.You are awesome chess master.That's a great story!And the annoying music added what?I have two circular saws, a 7-14" and a 6-12".

These are the food I don’t want

These are the food I don’t want

Like the T-1000 in Terminator 2.My only question is why go to all the trouble of lining up your bench grinder for drilling?He eventually played H3 because "When in doubt move a pawn".Noob question:At 3:50 mark why not go WK to B5?WD - 40 is excellent.Apkee lichess mein game dikhna hain.Is it also a theoretical win for black, or is it murky territory ?

Chess always talk heavy as if

Chess always talk heavy as if

Such an interesting game to watch!Ok i found a game.Really like your process descriptions.The moment you move your first piece, Kasparov already thinking about the endgame.The mention of another shopkeeper is just to confuse.I wasn't uneducated or miseducated about the time period but just imagining people as people was hard to visualize.Most admirable ancestry and Louisiana background history for this video.Not one Pimp My Ride clip.Great video, Antonio.

Even at 10:45 - Dd6.

Even at 10:45 - Dd6.

Do the world a favor and burn this flag and everything it represents.I'm a big fan, but if the kings are on the same file on the same color there will automatically be an uneven amount of squares inbetween them.Good work man keep it up.Do those marks have a detent or something, how close do you need the mark to be everytime you release the lead screw to move the carriage back?After these boring draws, I really think that chess boxing is actually not a bad idea to stop those preparations and safe moves.Ok nooo, our baby mochi is being so hard on himself :(((( so is everyone else!Wtf how tf did you guess my card.Haven’t seen much games for white.Gak pernah bosan nontonnya.

SileTa Mus

This is one of the simplest explanations that I have seen of the CAGED system. I just need to go over it a few times to fully understand

Mr. Batman

Little Lincoln

Chess with Suren

Amazing work although the pieces don't look pretty but the board rocks!

Ali Lo

30 moving parts

Daniel P

This one scares me.

wez North

Comments from 5 months ago,nd I'm watching this...he made a jig saw rolling pin great work bro.

Typhon Gaeci

Technically speaking, if I slap a box across the room, haven’t I created a 4D object?For that matter, If I were to move it at the exact right speed to where the unit of time taken for it to travel the distance equal to one of it’s side lengths is equal to the side length, wouldn’t that thereby be a hyper cube?Assuming that, if you launch a box into space, propelled by a solar engine, at some point it would be moving at the exact speed equivalent to the length of it’s side, thereby creating a hypercube for one instant?

Dave Wurangian

Daniel 100% threw that hand for Kevin...the bet is nothing compared to what he usual bets on so i think he did it for fun to raise Kevin's spirit


Can't you directly take the pawn with your knight instead of waiting for h3?

LetMeGetMyGunZ 08

Lodi pa shout out po my build ako Kay Chou First item beast killer sa jungle itemWarrior bootsBlade of despairEndless battle Cursed helmet sa defense item Thunder beltPls try build and shout out ulitCall it no attack but does dmg TRUST GOD BUILD

david schneide

There will GM "Bender"man Finegold in 3000A.D.

Steward of Autumn

I saw an ad, somehow Rob the YouTube God's are granting you favors!

Quintin Tanksley

What tournament was this, I played the older guy at the us open 2nd round he’s 1800


Is more interesting and appreciable one by one. Thank you

Marie Flamands

Jonathan kinda looks like Sexy Keith from the video where they prank each other


the stuffed duck i got from the merch is super cool

La Pa

The water sip is back!!! Staying hydrated is a winning idea.


Eric,I know you could make it,well done bro!

Amy Manson

I wish I could play chess like this. I don't have a very strategic mind, but I'm trying to learn.


Big up on the Movie !!! FINALLY got to watch it

Muhammad Asif

Bro I m making this thing guide me plz

Zorana Kurjak

I actually really like graveyards. They're cute. Could use a little more light tho.

clyde barber

tbh the connection issues of chess.com is disgusting. Lichess is so much better and its free, totally ridiculous. If you didn't have the chess.com domain you'd be screwed.

[FA] LewisFlynn

This is America

Lee Shackelford

That was a lot of fun.There was a physics Prof on YouTube that did demonstrations ....equally interesting...can't remember his name..(One thing he would do.., large pendulum.....hold the ball to his chin..release and remain there)