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Width 2) - this.Kno Piano Music.The stop is movable.I guess it isn't a polygon at all however but it is interesting to note that the more sides a regular polygon has the closer it becomes to being a circle.

Beautiful nice qork.What is a "Average Centipawn Loss"?I can't help my tears falling down.There is also a move called game ovah boi, where the pawn teleports behind the king and mates him.Hahahahahahahahahsha hahahahahahahahah.Challenge accepted.

That is too sweet!

That is too sweet!

Hi, i am almost 1400 rating player.The milk straws are $1 at kroger smh.I miss the old outro where elgin offers give aways.Question 13 answer should be venus.During the beginning of the video.6:07 that move the kid made was SOOOO bad and the adult dont even bother to punish him?I truly appreciate how we can get an education from the likes of Dr.The point that the center maps to is infinitely far away, the only part we can see is the mapping of the part of the reference circle farthest away from the center point.

Arey mikhail tal chess monster heyBacche ko darane wala monster banadiya.Audiance- coughing!This is barbaric.I have some questions:At 15:10, why is the probabilities of getting to 4 trees and 5 trees equal to 38?Final thought, I did not see it, but I am assuming that the drum is not permanently affixed to your mandrel ?Semejante esfuerzo vale realmente la pena.Viswanathan Anand is a bharat ratna.

Also, my grandfather and I used to go to the park on Sundays and play chess together then he'd take me back to his shop in the shed in his backyard and teach me how to use tools, this really hit a strong memory for me.Then again we drive on the "wrong" side of the road, most of our words have useless letters just to confuse us like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and we don't use the metric system for some silly reason.Did you do one on dragons yet?Bet u the 1700 used an engine.I like the old one though.It's Bernie or no more Dem party.But they should talk less.

This game just

This game just

You can getsmall ones on amazon.Fight to the finish.This album is all write but feels a little souless.Now that's how one can be EXTRA AF when playing chess :)).Check out his instagram to see his wonderful work.Awesome job done dude!Like Zacs my blitzrating is around mid 900s.This guy is a good chess teacher!Coba tebak,bahasa apa yang saya gunakan ini.White could have won this game had not wasted moves early.

kitty kitty

Is it me,or do anyone else hear cameo-candy in the background playing


the music is probably the best part of the video, and the content is brilliant.

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can hall lock stone new


this makes me nervous


Flat earthers HATE him, find out with this simple trick


And it was on this date that chess24 finally got some views!

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10:36 can someone explain what happens when bishop takes rook on e4, then queen b4 check and white pon g3?


if both e and pi were algebraic, could you get pi to 0 using e somehow?

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Anh c th tm nhiu trn u ca kasparov c k


55:57 EXPLOSIVE!!!

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I somehow feel like the identity-sandpiles have a connection to the pascal triangle (with some modulo). Wonder if that's just my impression though.

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I'm surprised you didn't mention the BBC iteration ?

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What if you want to dove tail a bottom board on, so the joints are along all 4 sides

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typowy polski dres


Not too sure ?

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What if 6:14d5?

Why do I keep reading comments

Here's a tip to remember X,Y,ZX=XXX (left to right),Y= you eat at the Y (front to back) Z =think of a spring getting compressed (top to bottom)

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Mongolians destroyed Baghdad's Islamic civilization, back then Baghdad was the place of education, tradition and innovation.

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Ricardo Gonzlez

Excellent video!


Your biscuits seema bit tight.. Perhaps they have absorbed moisture, swelling them a bit..I use them from time to time but have never had to hammer them into the slot.My understanding of the biscuits is that they are designed to absorb moisture, to swell and make a tight fit after they have been set in place. I find them handy in certain applications.

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Omg Ivanchuck could have won....

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Houston Texas

Hary Mblenger



she is the michael reeves of cookingso yummy sends her dumb ideas, she proves to them that they are dumb