Ajedrez: Cuandrangular con Leinier Dominguez y Yuniesky Quesada

This video wanna make me beat my coach.Zeno is watching this show in his godtube after all.I and some friends "invented" a four player chess on a regular board once.Guy in the middle.Like this: Where is an empty or not important space, is a warrior from the attackers, is the King, and is a King's Square.I wish I was five times longer!Two rooks AND a pawn instead of a queen?

Perhaps Ulf Andersson vs Peter Leko in 1996?I'm from Kenya, which is in Africa.I just voluntarily stepped into a very interesting math class, and I love it.1:24:12Kalabhavan mani:Endha ikkaMiss you mani chetta.I liked the other videos on Kasparov, Fischer and Morphy, but this one I really didn't like.You did well on your attempts.Greatest player ever.Dileepu polichuREPLY1AmeenAmeen3 weeks agoworlds funniest comedy will always be in malayalamREPLY1Preetha AnilkumarPreetha Anilkumar2 weeks agoGood joke videoREPLY1Muhammed RashidMuhammed Rashid4 weeks ago REPLYRAJAN NAYARRAJAN NAYAR2 months ago.

18:10 a neon green light flew by what was that?I see red eye behind omar, you same?In india bengalis are called "chewtiyas".Damn I’m such a girl.Im pregna---me:.Thanks for the info Elgin.Fuck you James Huberty!How can we download for Android ?At 15:53 bruzon could move his pawn from e5 to e4 threatening the queen wile being protected by rook and the queen.

There's no action.Is this something you'd be able to supply?The best: vocalist faces.By definition, i doesn't exist.Well played bro.That was the best video about arduino i've ever seen.I wrote my first game!I've been spoiled by chess24 and Magnus exercising his impeccable English.It sounds like you just suck at chess.

:) i like it

:) i like it

So nice video really like itthanks sir sharing this video.How does the lock clamp clamp vise table?To Ireland, Denmark again and finally to England.12:35 Tank, I need a Victrola.Thanks be to God for HisLove and Care.I'm a tradesman from way back.That is the reason I guessed it.1:08:55 why didnt he just grab the queen?Without curd ki hobe?

The Bob Ross of chess :).I noticed you put on the respirator for the spray, but what about the shellac and beeswax?Di na dapat pinatagal yan.This is classics on IT because u are giving us money through this video.You are excellent name pronounced.This is tooooooooo goooooood.Now general hanzo mainer.

Thanks for actually analyzing

Thanks for actually analyzing

Anybody knows why?I got a kit to make some for my shop, but still dont find the motivation.Love the video and Dammmmm you are gorgeous.On day 4 probability is 0 as is on all other even days.For a while I probably wont have the chance to make anything for this but maybe I can do something on the side of my study at some point.Its my favorite opening!It's none of our business.There is even a whole type of soprano that sings Wagner.

I like the analysis offered here,

I like the analysis offered here,

Some use the joints on their arms and whatnot.He is is still fighting.48:08 someone dies.You might give surgical tubing a try for clamping.Same as if he attacks uphill.For 8 8 86(808080)!0:12 I knew it was Bryce at the second he spoke lmao.Well made video and just long enough.Thodi easytricks batao.I'm just SO tired of Ben Finegold mis-using the term "suspicious" when he means 'suspect'!

Claude Perret


Marc James Levesque

Against 'One Trick Pony' at 52:00, One Trick Pony actually blundered, he could have held on much longer, maybe with even drawing chances?After Magnus played Qh6 check, the solid reply should have been Bd6.What does Magnus play now?

Genievie Nair

Beautiful. Love love love how organised your baking kitchen is :-) especially the food colouring organizations :-) Congratulations on your winning :-)

E Nikata

How can any court look at his record and go "yes he's fine to release, nothing bad will happen" :/

Calm Energy

I had to go to stack overflow to learn the difference between a message bus and message queue, I'm still a little unsure. Anyone have an eli5 for me?

Jim McGahhey

That is amazing! I'm sure it will be as timeless as the chipmunks!

M Viv

Should have put him over his knee and spanked the kid

Mohammad Hossein Sharif shad

Can we have a match with this title:stockfish vs stockfish?!

Robert Peters

that's an amazing anvil. I love it.a big anvil is always better, there is little purpose (not no purpose however) to a smaller second anvil

HippoandBear Makes

I want a homemade chess board!! :)

DiaOmari Bailey

Master P Romeo keepin it 100 hundre.We need more people talking about how to mentor the next generation.


You get more from watching the the rewarded video then actually playing the game to try and get cash

Sebastian Mathews

I was high and looking for this product online once upon a time! Are you guys planning to productize? My friends made a Foosbot.


I would play it, if i didnt bought Minecraft :) But its amaaaazing


But what about the pirating issue?? Now that the checks have been patched out, the games are wide open to being pirated.

Adefabrisio Victor

Lovely Too Brilliant .Just insane thinking

Sam Smith

All the games released show AlphaZero gain a space advantage. It's beautiful how it finds a way.


It’s an electromagnet

Gareth Wilson

This is gold. However, I can't help but feel Bill Murray has moved to Australia to pursue his woodworking dream.

Rodrigo Pereira

Essas peas so lindas, onde tem pra comprar?

Carlton Taylor

Bro that hairline