AI Learns to play the Worlds Hardest Game

Bishop to e7 then castling this opening only work for beginner but nice tutorial." But what's the significance?The starting position was transmitted at the beginning of each message, using a defauly starting position.Ole EinaR BjRndalen, not Ole Eina Bjndalen.Il Liked the video even before waching it.I reeeeeeeeally hope you can share your analysis for that war.Love his end game so much.Chess career only got revived because he was a stand in for that 2 on 2.

Don't miss the golden chance.Danh sch 100 vn c hay nht th k,xem u bn i?Arthur You’re my brotherI know.Now all we need is a DGR, Ryu and GPB vs and we'll all be happy.This would be a great meal for the termites.At 6:50, why not Knight e3 check forking king and queen?This is much more than craftmanship this is pure art and dedication that actually touches me.Great chess player but not a comedian.She always speaks from the heart.

How many boards you

How many boards you

Just so easy when you have a workshop in your garage!Nd5, surely, white can just take it, can't he?Allow these people to run wild hurting innocent children and people!Wedding ring in a shop makes me nervous, be careful man.That massive center control and the early move K f4 ruined the game for nakamura from the opening and left him in a totally dominated position.5:25 "and in this position Alexandr Hilrio Takeda Sakai dos Santos Fier deep inhale resigned the game".This is by far the most reasonable and useful introduction to setting up and using a metal handplane I found on the net.

Makes me wish I would have bought some of them.No biggie if this falls on the floor, it's not exactly fragile being made out of titanium.Many of is now about it.Love your videos Jerry.GetElementById('food')in your snake.You guys are a curse and an insult to craftsmen who do the job properly.You have a huge talent!


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Bloody hell old Tony the more time I watch your channel the more I get into trouble off the misses which I don’t really care because your videos are bloody great, great content great laugh along the way I’m learning things as wellMate life’s good thanks Tony

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literally a work of art. great job. very inspiring.