George Hotz, Self-Driving Lessons from Comma AI

I'd love to sit down and listen to all them tapes, crackles and hissing add to the enjoyment,My dad's got a Panasonic 8 track for the house and a car one in the loft, i like the way you can have the home one in stereo or just play audio or just play lyrics.History is written by the victors.At 6:50, why not Knight e3 check forking king and queen?I am at a drawing desk and the muscle memory in my foot expected a petal or two.Look up zombie road in Missouri.The awnser is a whole crap load of rubberbands.

Hi, i dont understand something, red had nearly lose at 25min41sec (with his last move in the corner, he cannot move anymore.If the first fold is known, all folds can be found without any repetition or recursion.Put it in Roth IRA.At the point where Carlson missed the winning move, why isn't H3 a great move?The photo is haning, Agad says.We do not learn anything, just breaking things for free.If you don't like it then don't watch it, all of us witches and wizards are now offended at your disliking because thats dim witted.No destruction couple minutes later hand wall demolished.Then with lots of generations from the genetic algorithm you pick one good example.Awesome chess lecture super-duper.

Imagine them saying we were twins 20 years ago.You'd be second guessing every move you made.18 min fisher should have played king to f6 instead of pawn to d5.Fun fact if you put a mirror around the earth you'd be considered a god.I love your videos so much Jordano323.

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Chris opened his statement by saying what I've been saying for years. No social media... No criticism like we have today


Berserking less would give more points since most losses were on time.


Presh, give up.Auto-captioning is NOT going to get your name right, no matter how carefully you enunciate it.

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Subscribe to my YouTube chess channel pages. New opening and Checkmates.

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Answer: Queen to G6, black pawn takes queen, rook to H8 check and knight to G5 checkmate.

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7:48 would have been mate in 3??

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13:27 Giant child hand number 2!!!