A few accountancy facts that every entrepreneur should understand.

I am the girl sneaker head not sorry either.A tactical masterpiece.Argus bleed effect?Keep the skin thick and the technology moving forward please.

Wow really nice work.So I am trying this method lovely, but I have an issue with my cake sliding on my turn table, even so it looks the best I have done ever.The football game showed in the Sears catalog was very simple but my brother and I played head to head games for hours.THE WINTER GAMES!Thanks very much.Looks great good job, I'd shoot with that cue!No one will move the king fools.BuddhawasborninNepal.

The grate india.One word for you from India no no there are tWO words "BHOSDI KE".At 0:40, many opponent sees that coming, so they chose h6, which confused me how to make a move.5:36 You sir are a gentleman and a dentist!This is assuming the opponent is stupid.When the family is pigging at the dinner table you can use that mallet to restore order.It's nice to shock them with Italian or Sicilian opening.Very, very interesting!IK Html So This Is Easy :).

Happy Diwali sir.

Happy Diwali sir.

Asa cu titlu in engleza dar numele in romana cu diacritice mai dificil ca n ai ales exact pentru cine sunt video urile.Time to find out if I’m adopted.I always enjoy watching you create, but the creation this time made me sad.Great video bro.Also, in this position would you just kill the king instead of checkmating it?

May as well skip

May as well skip

Going to try and make them.Centre counter gambit.Excellent commentary as always.Rather than going on a "It's all Donald Trump's Fault" narrative world tour.I think it would be interesting to replace at least one of the original white LED's with an ultra-violet (black light) LED to make the glow powder more visible.This tutorial has helped me make my first game, helped me overcome my fear for the for loops (xD), and has helped me learn other methods to create code!This guy must have dreams about the coronavirus by now.Your videos are always a true joy to watch!Fleece Johnson would take his booty.

Aditia Yudistira

Banyak ngomong luh

Mahir Ali

great video. more of kasparov's please...


please make a video aboutverbal and nonverbal ability based.

Rayleigh Slivers

Come back please. I like your videos.

Great Shaman

What if Carmilla use her ultimate on enemy that have Carmilla's ultimate?

Buddyy 2.0


Zuri's videos

Proud ako sa ganitong magulang

TheX5 Games

Thanksfor the tutorial,i've learned a lot from you.Following your tutorial i made this game

Flash life

This is really good, except you said "make sure you bring those scripts into unity after you download them". Literally no clue how to do that, kind of a beginner question.

Rad ongtawco

cancer just activated fail safe

Bruce A. Ulrich

Whoa...quite the muddy mess! The shed looks great!

Ajay Kumar

Looks like Deflection = OverloadingDecoy, X-Ray attack, Undermining = all are types of Sacrifice.

Power Up The Machine

Man, I thought that the camera man comments were overblown, but nope. The ENTIRE THREE QUARTERS OF THIS VIDEO IS WORTHLESS since most of the time this moron is zoomed in at the back of his head while he references something on a screen we can't see. LMAO


In this lecture GM Finegold mentioned his own YouTube channel but I can't find it. Anybody know the channel name?


I’m in love with my QUITAR

brian luoma

I have SquareOff and I must say BEWARE. They won’t let everybody use features that the board is capable doing. The streaming feature is only available to people on their favorites list. Corporate greed at its finest

samet ylmaz

not trying to hate on a little kid but nick literally gives me headaches

Hadar Cohen

Skjera Bagera..?Anyways, awesome project as usual and for this foam board thing, I saw other videos using it for casting stuff, and there is some spray that helps separate the board from the casting, try using it next time! (sorry for the lack of info, I don't really know how it's called but I hope you can find and use it to make your life easier )

Bobby Williams

that poly seems too thick it would spray much easier and way less orange peel if you cut it a littleOther than that pretty awesome


Stream of consciousness Chess. Better than James Joyce.

Jamie Knowles

What a great video. I can get bogged down in the dimensions of things.