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Napaluha mu ko hehehe lalo na sa part ng nagkita na sila ohhh no.After that hour watching him.I need to probably start using sketchup instead of Fusion 360.

Awesome video, hope you do more.Hope i couldd have tools like yours.Maaaaaaan, this is the first video of yours that I’ve seen in a long while.You're looked like a Mr Bean.Keep saying those prayers bro.Please make more such videos.What is fide master?

Straight outta Chess.

Straight outta Chess.

The other stuff is bad though.Didnt know Thor played chess.I dont even know what's going on but I like it.How did he not see the creeper when the second coming green and blue where shooting arrows?Anybody know what programs he is using?Now i cannot use any other racket.

2- why does

2- why does

Qd8 really held him back.That was the only reason I came here.Hi Jerry at 13:10 wouldnt c2 be an option for the rook to defend?Who you think was the best player ever.Awwwwwww--- he so young!U better shut u mouth and show there game.After Nd6, Bxd6 (White cannot retake with the pawn since his queen is hanging), Ba4 (the move played in the game), Qxc5, Bxc5, Rxc5, etc, and material is equal.You need to go upstairs and investigate.Your a 90's kid, ah man your just out of nappies.Because i don’t know what it’s even supposed to look like when it’s finished.

Hey he said boom

Hey he said boom

If Garry Kasparov was soooooo good!So what can he do?This stuff makes me realice how bad I am at chess.That is very very very very rare.Its called innovation you swine.Im sure you could beat guru.(Side 1)M98 P1M01(Side 2)M98 P2M01G91 G28 Z0.Then the rocks cover each other and Knight on c6 covers the queen.

You don't need to belong too a health

You don't need to belong too a health

Please progressions (sequence and series).He shook his hand for 14th of a second.What's the name of the paper you use to transfer the number.Good thing is we all studing from carlsen,bad thing is probably 10-15 years there will no new world champion.I would love to restore that home.Porque youtube me recomienda esto?If he tries to capture your rook with pawn, move your pawn forward and make a queen.

Hold my bandsaw.That's like the funniest thing ever lol.What would happen if you put an interesting bar into the boring head?The fastest checkmate by magnus carlsen video on my recommended feed finally brought me here.I kind of like the "Did you figure it out".Ke7, why not 45 Ng5 winning another pawn?My soul felt a astonishing emotion.

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4:30 yes and its disgusting

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kha pa ha ya center

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How do you decide who play will be white and who will be black in a chess competition

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Whats an immortal game?


Who else thought it said macaroni cup

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Good video

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15:17 what if the queen takes the pawn?

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Mark.You inspire me to build one for my son. Mostly for my self...

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Profound dumbnes as always. WORST CHANNEL EVER

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