9-Yr-Old College Prodigy: Tanishq Abraham

More Ben Finegold!He erroneously has set the white pieces on the black end of the board, which prevents writing down the moves with conventional algebraic notation.Amazing work as usual."The objective evaluation doesn't matter in a blitz game.I'm learning all the time in chess, but also about my temperament in general from these pop quizzes.I bet everyone that is criticizing a 6 year old girl, Is living with their Mom or doesnt have a girlfriend.The top plastic coat on the wood board must bbe gold plated.Twitter fans real MVPs this time.

Whoow really beautifull.That beat is dope bro!"Matthew Broderick.No capitol letters in the beginning of sentences and no punctuation.0:18 that emotional part.Can do without the attempts at comic relief, pleease man.This is beautiful!

Well I've seen blunders by top players.When you are so popular that you break lichess.Nice game for a World Championship Match, eh?Bro explaining good but u have to movevediou slow.I find it absolutely fascinating that a game from so long ago can be brought back to life and analyzed in such detail, all because the players had the foresight to record their moves at the time.I tried to watch another channel on low-level speedrun but they are kinda boring.' You have phasers and photon torpedoes, vapourise that rustbucket.Beeing waiting for long time to,besides of captures captures, disgusting engine line etc to see real stuff.

I can't help but notice that

I can't help but notice that

What's with all the screws holding the two pieces of plywood together?11:29 Why did U disregard x door ?Oh man, being black in that last game must have been hell.Qe6, threatening mate with queen sacrifice looks inviting?This is some of the best stuff I've ever seen.One thing he was really good at: inventing bizarre openings that were in fact good.And in this position svidler resigns.Any way to sync the number of times the cuckoo comes outwith the hour of the day?Excelente Maxwell y la teora del electromagnetismo.Ytyumpb nhhvft ngubi, knu vtrdSolve that!

Whats your secret mo?

Whats your secret mo?

He should have respected the opponent.You gave me the heebie-geebies regarding the safety of the piece you were making AND more importantly your personal safety.Can you beat him?Good jobit looks beautiful.Smarter not harderalso, collect all those trim ends then shape em flat them and glue them together for a board too, yup yupwhere can we purchase one of your beautiful boards?Coba buat kita pihak hitam bangSoalnya kan putih jalan duluan.I watched this video 2yrsago and frequently open this channel expecting something new in math butliterally channel come to standstill.Cleverness is your strongest ability concentrate your creativity in futre for more like that congratulations from germany you hit directly in the target of my wishes of the futre go on well done.The first one mostly.

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First nice to watch before my night shift


11 year old me could sold this but 14 year old me can not

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Love the content !


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Looks amazing, by far better than anything i saw till now

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what uv bath do you use to cure the resin ??

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Excellent sampling of jigs! Thanks for sharing!