9 Year Old Chess Prodigy Hustles Trash Talker! Carlini vs Scrappy Sepehr

Grischuk off the hook!Good tips for children or retards.Antonio, these challenges are getting stronger by the hour!What about the prince defence?Knight to f4 by Kasparov!Best editing on YouTube Love your channel.Plenty of 100% pure tung oil on the market.

What can we add instead of cheese cream."Forktown, population you.OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH, TOO MUCH.I wouldn't shake hands with Merkel anyway,can say all that needs to be said with one finger.Do you sell any of your finished projects.Do 100 nice rook lifts.The poor carpet!I can consistently do this mate noe in about 20 moves average and as low as 14 moves.

And neither Anand saw the continuation.Qxf5 %clk 00:28:23 exd4 %clk 00:51:15 22.Thanks for sharing.Can you actually see your self in the mirror?These Mfs Talkin BoutNoses Shit.Meanwhile Australia is on fire.Wow ')Really helpful, and fun, too!Harshala simaiya.Suprb u r great sir.Thank you for sharing the blemishes as well as the beauty.

He is what he is.

He is what he is.

13:00 I know you said don't quote me, but wouldn't Ng5 be an idea here?So if you feign pick-a-pipe just to raise the players anxiety that's good, if they really have to pray to RNG'zus with no hints, that's not really fun.Cup guy is a Canadian treasure.You mispronouncing stuff is half da fun, yeah, true.What r the directive files on top in the player script.The best joke of Magnus wasnt a joke.We have to seal it before the epoxy.

I also uploaded

I also uploaded

How is this guy rated almost 1700?I have to say, in the context of Carlsen's latest very candid comments at Biel and Giri's past tendency to slightly provoke him on Twitter with some more or less humorous comments, a nickname like "damnsaltythatsport" would have rather struck me as a Giri joke, not as Carlsen's kind of humour.And in India ministers saying, "Internet, flying carpets was invented 5000 years ago in India""5000 years ago one lord use atom bomb to Nuke""Cow urine can cure cancer""Cow milk has gold""Cow dung values more than diamond""Math didn't help Einstein to discover gravity".Or do you send this guy his fair share?Your videos look like geocities vomit wowwww.Is it possible that the Dem establishment is considering the possibility of a recession hitting in the next 4 years?7:40 The function f(x) 0 does this as well but it's not an interesting function.Your chess set is quite handsome as a modern design.

1Qc6,2 Qd5, 3Rd5,4bxc6,5Rd8 this is

1Qc6,2 Qd5, 3Rd5,4bxc6,5Rd8 this is

8:02 Look at the others at the back and Johns face XD.I guess he's Ben Finegold and i'm not!Did anyone see the nutcracker before they went down stairs it was on the chair when they went down stairs in the tunnel by the dog the nutcracker was looking at him from above then when they went back upstairs it was on the chair again that shit is crazy.I want to root for Carlsen, but his last video about "MoveForEquality" left a mark on me.Lekin maanna padega.I just used the Law of Diminishing Fuckups to calculate the number of days that would pass in which all six seeds either stayed as seeds or died, which was about 8.Happens alot I use tension gambit alot.

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Great work on the carving knife Neil! Thank you for sharing the video with us.JP

vipin kumar gupta

There is a huge collection of workbench plans like this and more on=>

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Roberta Gardner

Maybe they don't answer him is because he's too abrupt and loud!!!

Vivek Venkatraman

Thank u very much John, no one has been able to explain so clearly as yours.

Shrikesh Sawarkar

after watching this,i get only one thing,capablnca was never a great champion as mentioned on internet.dont expect such miserable blunder.

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Steven St. John

I found d7!But... that's not the move.


Best looking Moxon vice I have seen.Spelt correctly as well.


Handsome set. Thank you for upload.

Jothiraj Madhavan

It is not a secret at top level that you can put Anand under serious pressure in seemingly even end game position. Ding over extended himself trying to do a Karjakin on Anand. Seems the old tiger still has some teeth left to counter attack seriously injuring the panda in the process.

Brian Schnurr

You really make me want to buy some tools and learn. I love your videos, you are so freaking talented.

Eddie Alexander

All about trial and error when making things. Turned out nice in the end.