6 Year Old Shows The Fighting Spirit! Dada vs Green Wristband

Quote of the century "Big blunder, big blunder".0:52 is that a motherfucking Gravity Falls back there ?I'm new to your commentary, only about two weeks now.Whos here from construction.

The final step

The final step

This position is awful, good thing im playing you.Not very interesting.It's easy to find many examples of her work, and a great interview with her online.But here in your analysis I think you missed c7 - c6 pawn move.I like chalk curving.

It wouldn't be

It wouldn't be

MARTIIIIIIN, this is the most inspiring project in the world!When he said "public static void main(String args), I felt that.I don't respect the originality.Ang galling Talaga ni hero Sana magkaroon NG teleserye NG mkita ko sya araw araw.6:21 there was a bang on the wall or something.I want to see Vsauce with death note detective music.Simple and cheap.Why is this video scary?

Im better than magnus.

Im better than magnus.

Capa is amazing.I make sick milkshakes and know a bunch of haunted places.11:42 LINCOLN'S ROASTING!I was meant to sub ages ago.Carlsen really was on the ropes, yet he was able to come back for a draw.

Also Man: (spills his drink to his friend)Friend:

Also Man: (spills his drink to his friend)Friend:

The finish looks great.A way of proving 4 0, that wouldn't fool anyone, but follows the same "logic".Tran The Clever.You're good man, very entertaining calm andinformative.Rook to G4 wins it for Carlsen right?

mage davee

This is great advice, however there should be some caveats. If you are up in material even by one pawn it is usually to your advantage to trade everything else off, or if is getting towards the end mid game and you can affect the pawn structure. But thanks for the advice.

Lucky Sport

Has the WHO declared this a pandemic?

Tyler Ross

Hahaha the animal sounds had me dead.

Normita Ong

Thank you


Really good job ! Coul'd you write for me the wood's name ? my english is too poor in order to understand it ! thank's !

Thank you for sharing nice video

Brian Palmer

This video is mind blowing. I am thoroughly impressed.

Abdulaziz Alsultan

Man just keep your mouth shut and jump into the game.

Tran Mau Hai Anh Tran

Game ten gi vay anh

Monica G

I hope his adoptive parents rot in hell for creating a monster.


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Chris Red Williams

I read that you can take up to 3 pieces in one move. How is that done?


Prije 5 min sam saznao da si iz Krievaca, ta, moj ivot je la...

Michael C

"why am i so weak?" says the greatest chess player on the planet!.

Matt Seremet

I like how the camera person went towards Linus when he called them over. I can't be the only one who noticed all those akward moments in the past where Linus does the motion like 4 times in a row and the camera person just chills back. I figure they were told or decided on the whole not to go in close just cause Linus wants.

Southern Indiana Sawmill

This looks very familiar... did you happen to catch my video from a year before making this bent lamination?All the jigs and processes look very similar.Great job, by the way.