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"captures captures" -agadmator.When I play C4 I tell my oponent that it is going to explode in 10 seconds unless they find the best move.How you can get that 1.At 32:26 is Bf6 also a good move?The first game to end with a winner is going to be so good!

Will come behind.What's inside a robot.It would have solved all of stock fish'sproblems.All down hill from there.You have a nice dog, I only noticed it at the end.Wouldn't it stop all threats?

Please do a problemquestion 6 visualization.Jonathan can you do a lecture on 2vs3 pawn endgames and how to draw them?Okay cool, just sorta.Nice cajon if got the remo one.This analysis by the chess engine immediately put me off using the Pin Variation until there's a good reply to the new move 6.(Overall)And can I get a better deal on wood online?But Magnus just on another league."and that fills me with a little existential dread, but that cant be helped.Anyone else see linus' watch at 4:13?" Your life is a lot better without chess.

Com, I don't wanna say Aman

Com, I don't wanna say Aman

So what's the idea here?I re-learned a lot from you and I really appreciate you making this video.But why is it a problem though?Why are we not seeing coronavirus patients not being quarantined here like they are in china?Gonna pick up that peachtree edge.What on earth is factorial.The video is called 'Amazing Woodworking Skills'.Handy when the zombie decides to start talking.Vlad is the boss.

I don't have to make a program for making factorial easy and repeatable.And sir idon't much knowledge about Olympiad problems so would you please guideme if i can do it and how to proceed in it.Ba3 even after 5 seconds.Ang magulang ay magulang ang magkapatid ay magkapatid.The board looks outstanding !You can't buy the wood for how cheap Ikea sells these for.1300 vs 1500 ELO.I was watching one of those "top 10 most disturbing sounds" vids and then I noped out and started watching this.

Just take the derivative, which gives you

Just take the derivative, which gives you

"I have to be optimistic.What material do you put in your face?People like this are cancer to humanity.I had to turn the volume right up to hear it.There was a transposition to Staunton Gambit according to ECO code.Oh such a stubborn kid!Concerning the single channel memory, I have a question.You should consider injection molding.In fact, it's quite the opposite.You have inspired me to now make one of these, and I only hope that mine will turn out half as good as yours.

115, 123, 139, 163, 195, 1135, 1183, 1239, 1303, 1375, 1455, 1543, 1639, 1743, 1855, 1975, etc.I'd say his rating is no better than 1200 - 1300's at best.This guy is too kind and too polite.What version of stockfish?I prefer the number 57 because it's what I call "an honorary prime number".

Also, in the day, roads were not plowed but, packed down with a roller or Stone Boat much like snowmobile trails now.Naka is good for chess.With which, black can control both c7 and d6 squares.That's my boi Jerry complaining about apple.Whoa what an amazinggame and an superb enddame.When ur looking for ur tail everywhere in ur code just ctrlf x).Conjured a "ghost" yet super focused on the box instead of surroundings.This guy should have just left it alone.

Sergio Fuentes

I love the videos I remember watching all theses videos in highschool finding everything you do to be the most amazing thing in the world. Now I work in a big time machine shop and run all sorts of makinos all day long. This is the kind of stuff I do all day long and absolutely love it. P.S. I run Makino T2s or a T4

Tom Carson

I have chucked small pieces of dowel into my drill press, but I never thought of using a T-nut as a center. I pride myself on being inventive, but 'hat's off' to the master! Thanks for the tip!

Vinay Shandilya

Hey someone stole your mixCheck this

I pretty enjoyed it!!! LIT I prefer this out of any other mix

Andreas Tobing

dude what the engine/program you use to cek the good position in video?

H.W. Pries

Good lecture! Last night I watched Se7en. Eric Rosen sounds a bit like Kevin Spacey in that movie.



Marcos Tiburcio

Fim do Emprego

John Zubairi

where can I watch simple games without mouth shooting


Great project and result. Persistence pays off!


Que lujo.

M. Touet

What a work of art!!! WOW!!!


Hi Steve. In ALL of woodworking channels in youtube, I think you are the most...MICROJIG, maker of the gripper. Work Safer. Work smarter.... I hope you continue that way. Thanks for sharing!

Tech Freak

Linus giving CPR at 3:05 is just adorable.

somto onyibalu

1st. I don't usually do this but ya. I'm first.


First opponent was my friend afromAfter that game. I beat him in a month

Alexlalhmangaihzuala Alex

i manage to find out all the last sacrifice...im just a normal chess master..im not nerd..lol


If this was still a thing I'm sure someone would find a way to make these little pieces deadly weapons. That is a video I'd want to see

Find Mind

Great game but still weird how Carlsen didnt see the simple mate in 2 with Qb2 instead of Qh8 in the end, which still is winning but prolongs the game after Rg7 and Rg6.

Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

Read only memory, those were the days ( )



Samarth Somani

what if after Rf1-Rf3 Rxf3 - Qd1 Kb1 - Qxf3that will save mate