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I recently started to watch some Linus videos and I was surprised to see he is a twat andunnecessary rude, and I will say why.This video is so fun!The voice is everything still watching 2020.Heck of a 10 min match.I see Jerry went for the real life rated player over the question marked online player this time around.

That was horrible chess game.

That was horrible chess game.

I find that for everyday measurements the common system is divided into more logical portions, especially for volume, inches, and feet specifically.Nice, but i wouldn not use aluminum to eat and to drink from, it is almost toxic, second how you regulate pressure of vapor, i have dolce gusto caffe machine and i tried to save some money and to reduce plastic in use for eat and drink so i ordered stainless steel reusable cup: but they did not make good pressure valve because for good coffe must be right temperature and right pressure, othervise bad no tasty coffe, so i had to make spring loaded adjustable valve in many tries.Looks like it just came out of warp speed.He Got Game to us Jesus was a shooter 2.I'm going to make this now just need to get some apricot jam.My chess heroes are Bobby Fisher and Magnus a close second is he the best player that's even been.Coding isn't difficult!He had a practically a winning gameIt's an opening that most likely didn't get Caruanas feared opening prep at the best level since the Makagonov is far from the most dangerous lines vs the KID.You could definitely make a living producing commercials.

Even if I know how the blocks look, I can only see those cubes!Im at the 12th time reading it.Have 2 days to get this done with my son - mom here is clueless!My friend: You still like Harry Potter after all these yearsMe: Always Harry Potter will always be my childhood.Its 7 moves but if were lucky the opponent will allow a 5 move mate instead.Skills and tools would not prevent me from making such a beautiful cabinet.1:24 look at his dog.10:46 why not Bb2?I want to build one.

Kha pa ha ya center.The White monarch when displayed to the e2-square is infamously known as'Steinitzian,' after the first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz, who essayed it in a few of his encounters ( e.He makes short castle and then moves his king into a long castle.The answer is 1 if n is odd and 0 if n is even, where n is the number of numbers in the series.Picking up a knight and bishop for the rook?Only one try for me.19:54 Oh my god.

The list goes

The list goes

Even Gary Kasparov, Anand and Caruana knows that!By me"me when I finished "cleaning" my room and still looks a mess.Fuckkk this thing looks amazing,ive been eying nixin tube clock for agaes.Why he always says "life is good" ? Like you said though, your accuracy and % correct is most important.I just switched from the Two Knights Defence (Bogoljubow Variation) to the Max Lange Attack and it's really fascinating how many traps are hidden in this attack!Hope I don’t offend you, goofy is cool.

I've only been on YouTube

I've only been on YouTube

Great job by the way, love your videos.Great looking doors.I've made a moxon out of 2x6 construction lumber used carriage bolts, far too light duty.Epicurious I'm disappointed.Do you also make Chess Pieces?But that time i didn't know it wasthe answer and i repeat the process and go on flipping.Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to play with two queens?FUBAR'd as always.I like your videos.I’m suprised to see how many tools we can do our selfs and this one is one of my favorite.

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Eventually that submarine game also contributed heavily to 3ds CFW. I still use my cfw 3ds and it's sad because no one else uses their ds anymore

Jeet M

Sir even in HD clarity nahi hai .... please rectify

brandon sholar

3,400 comment

Kunal Upmanyu KSU

Firstly white move- Queen to c7Then black move- Queen to c8Then white move- Rook to d8Then black move- Rook to g8Then white move- Rook to c8Then black move- Rook to c8Then white move - Queen to b7 its check mate.

mohamed taha

U have an skilled hands my friend..I love this amazing idea

Lyrical Life

It’s sad to see a super gm use his time to slaughter low rating players just for youtube... that’s why he’s not making progess at the level pertinent to him


You and Shaun working together was probably the best thing that happened to youtube woodworking videos this year.

Eric Pierce

Whoa - I'm all about this project, but you have what appears to be a BIG SAFETY ISSUE - is that lamp cord or speaker wire between the controllers and power supply at 34:11? If it's speaker wire, go change it, now. That stuff isn't designed for any kind of load, and it burns away EASILY.

Rajdeep Agrawal

What if black doesnt bring out the queen at all? Nf6 looks like a more natural move than Qa5

7th Seeker

looks like they played for draw since the very start :D

Sahad Sulaiman


Al Slaughter

I love that girl chelsey..got baby!.love your vids guy. A lot better than omgosh!

TJ tanzim

This looks no fun

Chaster Oro

6:40 damn gangbang LMFAO


Every Bloomberg ad I see just makes me more annoyed

Eric H

I came up with 11. Ng5 it seems a more 'secure' result?


Also I love how the kids have upped their game and are actively trolling Ben with every answer now

Niraj Mourya

Queen to f8 it's checkmet actuly

Saoirse del Tufo

"counties of Britain"Shows Britain and Ireland

Gabie Ching

this doesn't work because the king will eat y'all

Pulse Fel

...ok someone make this into a minecraft map!

Nina Rodriguez


gaming channel tamil

Tell about chess rating

Urich Tv chanel

Loyal tlg sya ka mayor si bongserbisyo tlg sila