4 - Anthem (from Chess) - PCHS Women's Ensemble (Spring Concert '14)

Jay, this is stunning.I love watching any of your videos not only they knowledgeable but fun to watchyou add humor to it keep fun to watch.No, it's hou yifan.""You got a better way?They're all going straight through.Marimiyosa jugada.

Sube mas ideaos.I think 4 cyl is more complicated, v8's are rather simple, there is no need for counterweights, it has only one camshaft.I love the Spanish game, it has its own special beauty to me.The yasser and eric was so wholesome.Yeah, I was very surprised by this game.Might be the best rapper all time.

Is it the hot butter

Is it the hot butter

Pretty insane to sac the queen on move 9!Who was the a hole trying a very lame attempt to beat box during a speed game?I am going to write an article about King Position and I'll be sure to mention exactly what it is.I had seen this from Magnus' perspective, but watching both at the same time is amazing !(And then forwarding them this video.Where are the other chess videos by Numberphile?We need comunism.Its kind of unsatisfying to see a chessboard without the letters and numbers.Rollin pin, great suggestion.The issue is the insulation part.

Let's take a look at this

Let's take a look at this

Could never be used as a cutting board !And you need to stop.Great clip, brings back memories of the good old Amiga days.Me: hey can you read my mindFriend : yesDays later : she still hasn't even proven it!With perfect acting.The dragon curve looks like a julia set fractal.I hope everyone who reads this will have a good life.Still a great job.Pokemon-esque or not.

My USCF rating never got above 1800, but it probably would have if I hadn't quit chess around that point.I swear I am not cut out for blitz.Shiva is destroyer in our religion.Hey Lou listen to what he is saying, Obama regulations were stopping the testing for the virus.It looks awesome.Yes, the Bird opening with 1.I think it will take a lot of time.Good thing I paid my rentmortgage ten years in advance.

I mean you're just adding numbers.

I mean you're just adding numbers.

Is that Ian Dury in the Weetabix ad?Good analysis thanks Jerry.HahahhahahahAhhhahaAhahhahahahaHA.Sometimes Carefully look into the li'l boys playing outside ur home U'll see the universe.Not everything can be calculated.18:03 Why not NG5 instead of BG5?Dono ko me ludo me hara dunga.Honestly, I don't believe that Anna cheated.And I'll tap 4 Wrath of God : Destroy All Creatures they can't be regenerated.How is a removable flexible build plate so exiting lol.

But I'm sure it would've ended up losing my way lol.Ne4 allows to play white to play 10.Rofl that Bob Seger reference had me dying.Damn the whole time he low-key flexing on us with that watch huh.Which editor you are using for sourcecode?Who designed the question?


anytime someone says 'i'll put a link down in the...' my brain autofills doobly dojust me?

Sean W

I like the way you said bash on. which sounds like something french.


Why is there a WOMEN'S world chess champion?

Nathan S. Hand

I think I'm in love. Say Euler Line again.