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Sometimes it likes to hang out "where it used to be food" rather than going to collect the new one.This also means that IMO your treatment of the opening is faulty, and once you emerged into the middlegame with a small pawn center (and eventually single pawn) vs the black Q-side majority, you were already going to be lost in any end game, and your fortunes were committed solely to mating the black K (another idea of the Gruenfeld is that with a K-side fianchetto, Black's K isn't easily mated in the middle game).I got here from the forty minute proof.I'd rather go to the beach, weather is nice!I have to wonder who would have so much time on their hands to create such a puzzle.

I'm pretty sure it's not just (or even mainly) that she's a lower-rated player.Sry but thats cake not brownies.Thank you for another great video.Why didn't Anand take the Pawn and make a Queen out of it?There's gonna be a tax for that!Thanks for these videos man!Ooops, I Mean the Commodore 128 All by Yourself?

Stunning chemistry between Dan and Magnus :-D.I know I can upgrade to the quad core chip with ease.I didn't know Eric Foreman had a YouTube channel.Gl is blocked bro.There are 28 moves for pawns and 22 moves for Knights.Mikhael tal lng ang datingan ni wesley jan boss hahaha.You are amazing!

Apesta a caca este Mario trolo.

Apesta a caca este Mario trolo.

It's also nice to see a few "over the board" and still be able to distinguish the pieces.Thanks for all of your efforts.Isn't it obvious?I don’t have friends.Ti sao hu k th n hu vy 6:40.

He made an odd gesture.And even if Spassky opted out of the Cxe4, that would pin his bishop.I found the glass work mesmerizing.Sao n nc th 12 anh khng i 12.I did this when I was at school, start from corner and spiral in, last 25 or so squares are the hardest.When I saw that hotel room with the messy bed in the background -).20:10 20:11 in the room with lights or looks like light is on behind the door is a shadow going away.I think moss should be able to sit in resin without changing much and could make a cool handle or chair legs or something.John is my everything.

I have a bit of Karpov about me, rather than find the quickest route to victory, I just keep turning the screw, the problem is though, that unlike Karpov, I struggle to locate the screwdriver, but on the odd occasion I do, then I am Anatoly :).After Bishop to G5 why did black not play E5?Your a big tool.I don't think that's a lot.I don't think I would have the patience to show my girlfriend how to do anything like this!Put the playback speed on 0.Haha he said he would be glad to pay more for time with just a flat 18k quote.Thanks for your really helpful and enlightening commentary.They take speed and play chess?Yes in deed it is a very cool box thank you for sharing how to make a cool box.

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Enjoyed it a lot! Thank you everyone involved in this specially Mr. Torvalds. active debate and challenge is always good :)

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So many chess youtubers, and only agad uses a pretty board. What is it with the others and their ugly low resolution silliness?

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I think Watts is one of the most terrifying and disturbing serial killers the US has ever produced. He's in a class all by himself. Justfrightening, yet most people don't know who he is.He wasn't that crazy, he outsmarted the police

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19:11 actually he would lose knight on g6 if h5 played

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Mato! I don't like the music. Are you sure it's a good idea to include it in your videos?

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19:37 could white play Qa8 and get an advantage?

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How do you cut all that metal with no coolant?


Cont. (If it was folded left under right, not like 0:35 it would be a peak.)For the sake of simplicity, I will call half of the rest, or the value of "x" the 2x1 equation, a "half."The first "half" is the backwards version of the previous sequence where you also substitute the peaks for valleys and valleys for peaks.2 changes, backwards and switch v to p and p to v. The second "half" is simpler. It the exact same as the previous sequence. Now we have all three parts. Correct if wrong

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So, Deep Blue and other computerized chess programs are products of human ingenuity?I can't help but think that Skynet, HAL 9000, Master Control and many others were too.

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kinda neat but that trash is not going in my house lol


3:56 agadmator has left the chat

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If I could be a fly on the wall

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Scientist deny the fact that gold came from supernova as stars don't possess this much energy to fuse above iron instead it came from the collision of two neutrons

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Would you do a vid on the ray twins please xx

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Can somebody explain this ending to me? ( New player/ old player who forgot everything)

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At 24:30 there is Qc2 for white, ending the attack and giving time for an escape square for the king.

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Simon Williams is always entertaining and excellent at teaching chess.


Hi Antonio! I thought that Gukesh D was younger than Sadhwani, right?

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ok, but where is the math proofs ?(without using a pc)


hard worker ever..!lov it...........