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When you see houdini play every single move like this guy, you can't help but yelling "cheat !This and atomic shrimp are my two favorite channels.One of the best No Jumper interviews, imo.I noticed many of the pocket holes were screwed in on the inside going outward.

I thought the earth spins?What does magnus meens when he sais i will flag him?Your kind efforts are so fruitful to us sir thnx a lot.28:15 I know you were working against some pawn tactics but I was still confused as to why you didn't just pick up the queen at some point.At 18:27, checkmate isn’t Qa5, but Qa7, as the black queen is guarding the a5 square.Sekarang sudah ada solusi, ntarrrr malam saya bias praktekan, makasih yaaaahhhh MANTAP BRO.I know they are just trying to prove they are the best, but.

Their minds are preoccupied with chess things.

Their minds are preoccupied with chess things.

India's Board 4 rated higher than Norway's Board 1.In this video i think white was discouraged by kingside castling in lieu of my not having a g-pawn because i could place a rook on the g-file and put pressure on whites king position.I don’t like zero, it’s so lame.Lemme know I’m honestly curious and can’t think of anything.Your opening comments were therefore surprising to me.Amazing tutorial."Ian Nepomniachtchi" - LOL.I think one of my favorite projects so far.Horde but is knight and not pawnMongols Empire Calvary intensifies.Very nice video.

Perfect explanation-video helped too.

Perfect explanation-video helped too.

Avenge the death of Sarek.Maybe some people were just not expecting it and were triggered.TELL ME WHEN CHESSABLE LAUNCH NOW!Where do you play that?Can the white bishop move diagno to protect the king?I skipped to the end.Hi, i am a coding noob, managed to follow your video till end of video 2, i realized many red color words.Slavery is awful, and it's horrendous that they would sell their own people into slavery.

A large case of bits is pretty useless since you're bound to use like 5 of them.It may not make a difference but can buy time for police to show up or maybe get the shot fired out stops the threat or slows them down long enough for myself and hopefully others to get out.Please feel free to use my video at this link in your videos concerning vase mode 1-480-981-7393.LOVE those gaps!I hate your face and facial expressions.I really want to know the brand of the glue.Excellent explanation!Plz Plz guys he needs your help.Good nice and easy, but I thought crushed mother of pearl would work here also ?

Walnut is by far my favorite wood species.All i need now is friends.This is one of the best games I've ever seen in my entire life.Nobody was able to follow you 2.Looks mint this.I got the tay roc vs glueazy for a dollar via cash app.I'll be sure to add that to my vocab.At 48:21 can he take the c2 pawn with the bishop?Thanks for this, I always get annoyed by that knight move to c6 right after nf3.

And if you can make a wood model first, you can make a mold with sliycon and pour the epoxy in there, so you dont have to sand it that much (tiner, aceton (or nail polish removers is best way to clean the resin type metarials) (Amazing videos!You tell us don't move your piece twice, if my opponent attacking in my piece den wat to do tell us pls sir.Thanks for the clear analysis .I would like to perpetuate the coat of my family in a frame such that you make.Being vegan by choice is a big missed steak!Nu nh i th i y chang.If weird al was a serial killer.

Too pure for this world.Mass Media: "What the fck is this insanity?But finally I can say my dream came true.Casual games can be very nice :) Keep up the good work, Agad.Wow, a landmine of combinations.Ritz: Oo nga eh.Thank you so much.I feel so empty.If you are interested in learning blindfold puzzles from mate in 1 to difficult puzzles.

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Gorgeous art, creative professional

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An interesting read is "The KGB Plays Chess".It is amazing what lengths to which the Soviets would go to keep the championship.And Bobby was right the Soviets did cheat.

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Nexelity 2.0

Awesome man, u rock!! I would love more videoss


15:41 i am thinking that's an interesting queen sac, i wonder where the compensation is. "NO! I just dropped my queen". Oh...

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I subscribes your channel, and now its your term to send me one board... That was a joke but tell me where will i get this type of board, I am from India

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Million views!

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I've been thinking about buying a track, not any more, the next time I have some off cuts, I'll be making a couple of these, and your method is so much easier than one I just watched on here, that was over engineered in comparison. Thanks

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Looks like a draw to me. We all win!!

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Scots.... good vid...


For every video released without Ben Finegold, I chop off an appendage.Choose Wisely CCSCSL!

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why in Sam Hill are top GM's losingwon games against Justin Beiber?? Naka was up a piece too and he didnt convert. What will it take?A queen blunder?The Mgnus Effect should have worn off already

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You will be a good teacher

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so funnygood one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yo no he entendido una mierda, pero me lo he pasado muy bien


Paul Keres vs Vasily SmyslovZurich Candidates (1953), Zurich SUI, rd 24, Oct-13 English Opening: Anglo-Indian Defense. Hedgehog System (A17)0-1

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Why am I watching this? I don't even play chess nor do I know who this guy is.

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"the music in the middle sounds similar to Zam the Assassin and The Coruscant Speeder Chase" from Star Wars Episode II" it's not just similar... it's completely the same! :DDD

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Hmm stockfish really likes 7. Bd2 over 7.Qg4,

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I miss my mom so much

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BRING BACK JAMES-A big numberphile fan, August 2019