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Poor guy love your content man.Does anyone else think that this scene is one of the most powerful scenes in the series?When a Top player makes a mistake and loses, that is not an interesting game.You guys at numberphile need to get out more.Mangathavaa jaati iniayala famous edathookee padi viliku podu.

Can't do it - the rook is pinned to the king by the black rook.Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thats too cool.You’re going cut your fingers off!Each time I think life is coming back, it just dies again.So queen g5 would be mate.Why don't you use python?Or do the English approve of that sort of thing?

On the wall upon the shelves, hangs a red pair of shoes, a plant, 3 books illbet on chess, the black hat and a chess board a couple other items and then a sign that says "happiness is not a destination but a way of life".There are also powers of (xy)first row is 11so first power is xysecond row is 121so second power is 1x22xy1y2the pattern here is that the powers of x is going down from left to right and starts with the number of the row and y does the opposite.Its not that easy to spice it up.Ang mahirap kung makita nya magulang nya.2:00 you thought he said something else.Vdeo sexual Shakira.

O's me so I'm C3PO'd".In case I want to add desecated coconut Will it taste good.xem ht trn u c phn tich in a xam dm.That Aaron Sorkin in the audience?The game is kinda meh, but the story is very epic.Upload some more videos you Californian AIDS patient.Fantastic way to look at it.I wonder what is the boy rating?Planning a robbery by the shopping list I see.Found your site while searching up Norms NYW vids on bookcases.

Thesteph747 yes men cry by this!Isn't second puzzle solution also e8 rook move?He just roasts people.Even though I started looking for chess videos for some time already, I didn't see a lot with that much pedagogic value.Eastboune is the town.I didnt understand 2:07 and now nothing works i just wasted 3 hours trying to figure it out and now i just quit trying to make a game.

This is ultimate and legendary game I have ever seen.I wonder if the plans can be altered to use a roll of duct tape to round the edges of the seat.Only for agadmator to just go ahead and say, "but the better mate is.And cooling knive in water lol.Ketyarunna e kanyastrikal.So basically the Bad bishop was the Good bishop after all?What an amateur players!A low metal case, aluminum or steel.Back in the old cartoon days, they actually recorded people playing the musical pieces and had the animators tract the characters onto the frames.

Bright NYTE

how do i get the form after created, if someone fills and submits it

Dovid Stern

I love this channel so much. One of the only channels I'll watch at normal speed.

no coordinates.

Zach Belcher

good footage, weird editing...why do you keep cutting to backstage during game 2?also would be good to have a digital board on screen so we can see the game

Hemraj Verma

Show only players move. Don't confuse with your our own moves


Holy....that's a really cool shirt you got on there buddy! Thanks, that is too cool! I absolutely love everything about this table. The base is solid...the grain pattern is beautiful...the dark stain accents the grain perfectly...and that blue color swirl/smoke pattern in the epoxy is the absolute best! Thanks for showing us the learning curve. I think that's one thing for me is looking like a dummy for doing something wrong, but we all need to remember that we are always learning and we have great teachers out there in the maker community! Thanks again!

Isaac o

It holds just the same as a square nail. I'm surprised its not more common.

matija lat

bishop e2

Dom Trussardi



Justin Y.

I simply made four four box’s and added a fifth box that extends above the other four box’s.... is their something I am missing.

Donk'Q Donk'Q

"Mempermalukan"? Dlm permainan sll ada yg kalah. Klo ga siap kalah jgn main! Istilah "mempermalukan" disini buruk skl.

John Murray

Tal sat. It was a killer move :-)

Baby Girl

Sana ganyan si papa ka proud sa, pero hindi e, naka tapus man ako sa college. P



Jeremy Pavlovych

Hes teaching stalemates

M 0C