3 basic chess opening rules you should remember!

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As an opening, and tricks as well?

As an opening, and tricks as well?

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That way you wouldn't have

That way you wouldn't have

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Your initial board setup at 0:35 is incorrect. An easy to remember rule is "White on Right" meaning a white square must be the bottom right square when the player sits down to play. A dark square is on the bottom right as your setting up the portals. What difference does it make you ask? Look at your King and Queen. They are on the wrong squares. Technically, all the pieces are one the wrong squares, but it's most obvious to see by looking at the King and Queen. Remember: White on Right.

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My FIDE rating jumped by 1000 after gaining this insightful knowledge.. Magnus, be aware!

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You shod continue till end, we want to see how one wins

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What a incredible game especially in a World Championship Match! Thanks

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Promote to knight both times at c8 and e8

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agadmator at 15:18 isn't the move queen d7 is mate?

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Hey Vsauce, I am new to your channel and appreciate all of your work. Looking forward to seeing all of your video content!

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