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This is a classic game thank you for showing us even though you made this some year ago.I think the black castle to b-6 was he probably was gonna attack the pawn at b-3 maybe see if the white queen would take it, then move his black queen to b-3 im not a master i play chess, im alright but not a pro or anything.Because they work so hard for you.

SO THANKS FOR PROVIDING PLANS.Those drivers can't stop texting.3:07 Pragg is a true genius.I watch so many of your videos, can't give you enough credit.Great compilation.Come with it Libby’s."I haven't been looking at the chat.

Don't hold back.

Don't hold back.

1x10(-infinity).Sa va deliepa gormi upun nor way Ditaly appon dega Vermo desay.Thank you for uploading this music.You must get your screws for free.I don't know why peoples actually hit the dislike button like you can't hate this guy or the videos he make he aint lying in any thing.

Saw both videos.As every possible way has not been tried?What polpol and kupal.I bet 2 ramen noodle soups when I was doing time, but that's about as far as my chess gambling days go.I develop the app every line u mentioned, still don't know how to play the game :D.X is sideways, y is vertical, and z is depth.The intro is definitely.

I like how the blade guide can be moved depending on the cut.At least that's what the intuition says ().Peter and Jan should do more streaming together, they harmonise excellently!Thats polish money.If licensed, your video would be shared with other partners in our network of 30 million fans.I immediately tried the concepts out and the results were encouraging.You guys should do a see what’s inside a PlayStation.

Now try 3 person 4d chess against magnus

Now try 3 person 4d chess against magnus

Wish I could see it from eric's perspective to see the salt.Same is with this game.Check out khan academy of you're interested in JavaScript, sequel, HTML, or CSS.There is also a move called game ovah boi, where the pawn teleports behind the king and mates him.Very simple, yet so elegant!Capital city of Iceland, everybody knows this :).I want an enterprise in a bottle for my father.One more question: (Goddamn this turned out awesome!Eric: surprised Pikachu face.

Its illegal to capture

Its illegal to capture

214th day of 1960 maybe?Hello Agadmator, is it possible for you to analyse some of me and my friends games?I wonder about your lot of information.Jack in Missouri, the Show me State.Whats the problem?Thy tt n quan th nao vy thy?


10:16 Rxd4 and if Rook takes Queen then Rd1 -->mate

The Higher Space

I found 3 of these immediately without blinking lol, and Im a 1400 :D I guess it's like puzzle rush! when you tell someone there is a good move here they find it! problem is playing it in a real game !


Thanks for putting up the recipe. You can also put butter about 1T in a cast iron skillet in oven at 375. When temperature reached butter melted skillet HOT quickly pour batter in smooth to edges batter evened out put back in oven for 7 minutes or until golden on top. Serve warm in pie/cake slices. I triple recipe and use 10" or 12" skillet and all 8-10 servings get cooked at once. It's VERY GOOD.

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dko tlga Gusto na bumalik asawa ni Ate Violy.. kung d pa sumali TNT d pa sya mgpapakita.

Craig Kelly

Guy looks ill here with bags under his eyes

Hi Plz

Roses are red,Violets are blue,There’s always an asian That’s better than you.

Ismail 675

I got a crush on the IM :)

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The corona virus rebuttal, was actually Ebola Niggas getting sicker than bats..Thats ebola virus not Corona but stillfire


as much as i love the craftsmanship, its amazing it really is....but id hang that up on a rock within a week, maybe cry a little in the process too


Bert is looking more and more like Tom's version of Bert from his dance video.


11:14 was a mate Qc6 Qc6, Qe5

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Fricking sharks Sphinx with fricking laser beams attached to their fricking heads bodies