2 teknik catur dengan skakmat terindah

LeBron a great teammate bruh.Pls make me one!Can't wait to get into the Elite to crush everyone after memorizing what Stockfish said one night before the tournament.Or look at Leicester City two years before.

Elephant : I used the cancer to destroy the cancerp.Surely there must be a winner in this game.Jesus dude, relax.Liren is good player well playing Magus could won this game.

E0 is transcendental?

E0 is transcendental?

Anh chi vi em nh,anh cm bn trng i.I blundered in my pants over Karpovs knights.Pikon na pikon si Kas dito.Maybe I will never make anything in my workshop but things for my workshop!Kiss is a steaming pile of feces thatdoes not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with some of these great bands.

SuggestionAt the end of your videos thank the viewers (as you did) and remind them to like, share, subscribe and stay tuned for more content.Perfect explanation.In my math class we repeated to whole curriculum for elementary school math WITH A BASE 8 SCENARIO.Can you make a video on how to make a Scandinavian Defense?5 video to watch.Thank you for teaching this practical example.Besides, the bus she takes from her friend's house to her mother's is driven by a very nice young man who even knows her on a first name basis, that way he might wake her up if he arrives while she's still sleeping on the bus bench.Thats why he is at the top.But good on him for putting his hand up and being the guinea pig.I swear this character reminds me of carmilla from Kimono michi.

(Overall)And can I get a better deal on wood online?New video: my channel:.Sand the heck out of that too with a random orbital.If he didn't berzerk at the last game and he won wouldn't he be at first place?You're funny man.For thesis lng po.Been watching your videos for months on my TV in bed every morning with coffee and every day after work.

This is one of the best youtube videos i have ever seen in my life.His mouth looks so English.Fajarowicz queen trap.Me at the 15th minute of this video: Please don’t end.Wtf is stone age technology?

They spend all their time on that fucking word: socialist.I solved last knight puzzle with ease, it has multiples solutions.I'm with you Steve.And the comments are precious!Very shitty ending.Rubber band mummy!Try speedstaring now, how fast can you get the starts?How does the rook jump the pawn!Thank you Magnus.


Superheterodyne sounds like a fake drug from a sci-fi movie.


A lot of excuses is all I heard from Nakamura. I mean you play a game to win even if its for the fans but a lot of "it doesn't really matter" going on.

Barrett Hageman

Very cleaver Nick.

John Rodro

I bought this when it came out 2 years later the battery went out. Cost over 300 to fix. Not worth it.

chris powers

Molt do you have another acct in The Aftermath????

Victor Gonalves

3:36 you can't just put sqr in the equation, unless you put in both sides of the equal sign.


A great demonstration of how much work goes in to building something like this. Not many people are aware. Thanks for taking the time to share.


Wow. Mac got really good at chess.



Gnanendra Kotamsetti

How u captured the king. Is there such concept in chess?

Pawn Riot

Ad: My name is Grandmaster Masganamov.Me: did his parents really name him Grandmaster?

zarin tasnim

Fischer has always liked Rook and Bishop better than Rook and Knight. You can see it in his first win with Tal too. He had a pawn down in that game but still managed to win it. He's really good with Bishops and will always go for the knight vs bishop endgame where he has the bishop.

Cynthia Meschke

you should 3D print rayquaza the pokemon

Mark Coverdale

I am just in awe of the sheer fcking skill on display here, this guy is like a woodworking ninja jedi, theonly thing I ever managed to make in woodworking class was a stick...and it broke on the way home, much salutes and backslaps to you sir!


Do more


why did i watch this.... its 5am i have no use for this i will forget this why did i watch this???

wonderful bees

reminds me of having to write i will remember to bring paper to classover and over and over

Sarju Chung

So god didn't make earth then ridiculous

Ray Foley

T... T... I get the joke... Gears... And drive... Obviously you are on about the top of the gears show... Top of the gears with Germany Clarkes son


Why is it called a 'shooting board'?

TeeKay Pew

More puppy footage!Nice build, terrible puns.Grrrreat work.