#29 Practice - 2 Enpassant in chess || Chess Game In Tamil

Karpov for hours.Where are the exercises bro?Great Teaching.I'm a Korean viewer, and i like the intro music cause it makes me feel like it's a fairytale.Is this going to be in the what sorcery series?

Crisis core please ?Cool that you did some give aways.I have not yet bought a table saw.Anyone confirm this is real ?A beautiful box.

Get that bishop out of there

Get that bishop out of there

Joe really hit a lick with this podcast shit.18:36: why doesn't the king just move to d-7,6,8?Very nice I'm sure you are making custom chess pieces as well?If you rotate the L so you have something like I then stick the ends together (with the rotated version on top) you'll getILwhich is the "saucepan", second iteration.Absolutely gorgeous.

What a terrible game by

What a terrible game by

Thumb up if you think he's a perfectionist.You got your 3 squarea.I just need to go over it a few times to fully understand.It’s like taking nerds and giving them an edgy sideNo no, he’s got a point.Why can't white simply capture the knight with bxNc4 3:40 ?Re-watched this game a few times now.Will you create this list in a printable format?

Congrats on 10 years!

Congrats on 10 years!

He Bobby brought the Rook down the Bishop would then take on F2 and he would be screwed.Was this lesson about chess or life?My Favorite game in mobile with freinds its Roblox and lifeafter.Notice: Without your health you have nothing!Get in contact with me if you ever come in Quebec guys.Love the foaming glass cleaner, never saw that stone cleaner before.

Out of all of them I think he is the one trying the hardest to advance humanity at his own expense.One thing I've tried to do better in my games is get better positions, play positionally, and 'strangle' my opponent.Don't be so hard on yourself.Also, epoxy will yellow over time and delaminate from the wood likely.You are an inspiration, Shaun!He’s beyond this bs idea about being a competitor.

Fourier Transformations aren't new to me but

Fourier Transformations aren't new to me but

Hi friend, how are you?Apologize for my ignrance.Just fyi, you can get clean gloves Steve described as latex in a nitrile material as well, if you have an allergy.Gda suara si junaidi g mantap bro.Tell me why Linda Pickton got the money opened a finance company and Truedope and Hillary on the board?TRUMP BAD HAHAHA.Great video, very simple to make and no damned musak,that kind of ply is it plastic treated,dos it have a name?

Keep 'er lit Bro!

Keep 'er lit Bro!

At sana hindi kana gana gagamit ng shabu in real life mo."It would be brilliant if it wasn't losing on the spot"Done this so many times.I Got A Word So Big!What dan said 4 months ago.Just started the vid there's a certain rule that you forgot, when starting the game the first click that you do can never be a mine (bee here ) I dont know if you knew this.Bahot confusing kr rahe hai.If I win, I get nothing.How to give your dogs nightmares.Thus, Alice can now correctly answer 20.

Isabelle Compton

inside looks good but outside look could be better


Mr Engels,Need to pick your brain.Your anvil has a small step on the rh side of the horn.I have just received an anvil identical to the one you have.Trying to find the manufacturer name.Mine has a 6 sided diamond on the rh side and appears to say Rento?And what is the purpose of the horn?Please just post to my comment if able.Been a subscriber since you were in the low teens of subscriber s.Great videos.Learned about stuff I had no idea existedThank you.

salma rahman

dileep fans like...

Abel Aleman

Me interesa aprender a tocar guitarra

Toto carpenter

Very nice design

Savannah Ellis

Joseph should've just killed his parents


I'll have to study this video closely when I get home as I finally had this exact situation.

Phil Boardman

Some wonderful ingenuity used here, certainly made me rethink my project onto a slight deviation, thanks


You mention not to block your c pawn with your knight, but in both your games you block your c pawn with your knight.Why?

Aryeh Mischel

Ok so at 1:57 doesnt kxe5 work?


4:00 Taking the pawn on c5 seem like a bad idea to me. I would just play Bxc3. White got a tripple pawn...

Michael Cheng

you're my favorite chess Youtuber!

Abreena S

I'm hurting my teeth


can you make Phoenix Cue from 8 ball pool mobile game ?

Joshua Castleberry

Hey man awesome build as usual. Where do you get your plywood?

Rob Gandy

Cool solution.Exactly as I would have done it.However, I'm not in grade 5.I'm over 50 years old.Grin.

Dana Coleman

What is Elton John doing in that cemetery?

raj kshetrapal

Definitely his result will be better if people know who they are going up against

dave murphy

That is a variation of the Blanchard lathe. Thomas Blanchard invented it in the early 1800s for turning gun stocks at the Springfield Armory. It can be used to turn axe handles,spokes knife handles, women's shoes heels,or whatever you need.


but you cant castle through out oof check

Banu Aravind

How much resin cost

Dev Dayib

Is the silicon valley home of the successful software engineers.

Hello World

What is the name of the book you showed?


You Andy are an Artisan!!! Love your creativity from Australia What is the make and model of your lathe please?Cheers,Errol.

Vietnam Veteran Yoda

Is this a big commercial to get your flu shot?

Arissa Lee

This is definitely the best playlist

Aurelia Kanyaa


Alexandru EPURAN

Everything on this table, guns and knives included...what a match...