Why he didnt take the Queen?I mean,i'm the only who is from Argentina,Cordoba and see the bottle of Fernet branca and how ned used it?Its not aikutchi nor tanto.The last guardian na.The smile of this champ is so genuine.Yang menang siapa si ?

OS engines used to make a Wankel Engine for airplanes.I like to see those so called heart stars threads!00 plus tax (Kxxx).So it's easier to understand the mistakes against an in his prime and sharp 20 yr old Fisher!I follow magnus just for the webcam crashes alone.Why is there coughing every time Carlsen plays?Again just stunning as and different I love it.Is there a purpose to the castling on 1:36?

I take it you couldn't

I take it you couldn't

Perhaps as a guy who isn’t too handy you’ll find some of my videos educational.I used a 1500 watt hot water tank heater inside a stainless pipe to heat the water.My dad being one of those.Were it not for a chip guard on my lathe I might not be typing at this moment.Thanks to Wix for sponsoring the show.Why do so many people obsess over the numbers?He was losing and won because of a blunder.Another great video.Thanks for CHESS GURU.The knife looks lively and it seems to carve very well!

Sa harap ng school kayo umiyak thats lucky naka jackpot pa yout lucky its real just like.This is nice gesture which may help them build some self-confidence.Skip be telling the truth.Chess is like boxing.Jesus, he needs to be in jail for conspiracy if he knew about all this and let the killer go about his life.MuskieMan33 sounds like me.

Most easily explained.

Most easily explained.

Lol ur dog at 1:20.That blindfold game gave me goosegumps.Lots of question marks, poorly investigated,another investigation on going.I do not understand 90% of the comments.Serial killers are usually made huh?52)move sped things up.You may write the x 0 in a pair of parentheses after the divided equation, but they are actually a system of equations.

Had not heard

Had not heard

Very good indexing attachment, well thought out.3) I live in Canada and Fishtone products aren't sold here.Rensch looks extraordinarily uncomfortable.Some said the coughing sound still haunting the hall until now.48 rokade pendek gimana bang?With mine I put a red timber (jarrah) edge around the perimeter followed by 2 more edges the same colours as the squares.Hi dude from Oaoc.I'm trying to watch a Magnus bullet game and Danny keeps talking about hair and showing stupid photoshops of Magnus with a mustache.Such an amazing video and such an amazing job buddy i really hope the negativity of people thinking that you click baited understand that this lighter is a prank but a really good and a smart one so don't listen to them and keep the amazing work.Wonderful ideas i wonder when will i become like them.

I want to win against my mothef.I have been following this recipe exactly, but my dough didn't rise much at all.He can be your best ally.Suggestion can we see Carslen himself on the channel?So much of technology.Seeing that logo will even destroy them as peope will say, ai that logo is the worst company ever.This was some Paul Morphy type shit with all those pins.Because this challenge consumed a lot of epoxy and a lot of time.At around 12:42 what about rook captures on E8?


I'm amazed.


Thankyou so much sir

Jui Web Developer

thanks a lot

Daniel Garcia

Ismael is trash!

Khushit Shah

13:08 i wouldnot capture rook anyonewouldn'tcapture rook. We will capture queen.


Cartoons are not good places for music...At least the newer ones...:)...Review the violin in The Red Violin...The Stradivarius in that movie sounds so beautiful!


nothing better than watching two gentelmans play great chess. fantastic!!


It still looks like it belongs in a museum instead of the field!Every video is a Masterclass of Wheelwright. Thank you for the craftsmanship and showing how to make things that will last for 50 years!Or more!


you forgot kris jenner