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Thats perfect for small snakes but can be deadly for big ones.If white leaves his bishop in d3, black's b4 bishop could come to d6, and if white tries e4, black have an intermediate move: d5xc4, touching the bishop, and then b3xc4, black still have time to continue with e5.Definitely need a grinder and electric saw!I'm proud of myself for figuring out the puzzle at 6:00.

No stylishly throwing an ice pick into the top of this one ey?And you are wrong this time by "little more" 900 Billion because 5% of 20 Trillion is 1 Trillion not 100 Billion.---- likepincherson the lead.Love it play 3 min.If you have a 2x2x2 box, you can fit 8x 1-unit spheres in it, but only if you DON'T use this method.He played too aggressively and didn't castle, didn't take he seriously and got whipped.This thing is not attractive.

Beautiful board.HOW TO PLAY CHINESE CHESS AND JAPANESE.One of the best talents this game ever witnessed.I wish John Williams had done the music for all the hp movies.Now you have two 4 Oz liquids.Just saw the Jouet R Nous at 7:24.

Truly spectacular.Have you forgotten the "ringstellung"or rotor offset that changes the motion of the next rotor relative to the motion of the slower?I'm watching it now and you're just shy of 150k subs.What happened to Finegold's youtube account?I watched this whole vid 10 times already.But the name of Joao is, in fact, Joo, and it is pronnounced somelike Jo-all in english.Very enjoy these videos keep up the good work!If white takes rook, than black could play bishop to f2, winning the queen.This thing is for me ill buy if i ever find lol.

5:08 why can't he play Night to e7 ?I love your videos!I always say back "hi Kevin from the chess website.We need a new video guys, as of August of 2019 they found 282,598,933.NL HAS 1000 VIDS NOW!These guy talk about what looks like Biden having dementia as if all that matters si the political PR ramifications.The little shop helper break was funny too.Does white always have to be upside down?Saat kt bermain catur memegang buah hitam.

Wow wow wow

Wow wow wow

I always suspected that scumbag is playing chess.Really cool video!HEY LOOK AN UNSPONSORED VIDEO!Its about whos better.How to avoid stalemate?


Extremely insightful, thank you!


He has the same birthday as me

A J Taylor

the girl could have won but move the king in the wrong spot

Mychelle VanSchaick

show me again on how you was going to win.... playing one type of strategy thru the whole game is fruitless.... I do wonder what the other player was thinking noob

Jose Bert

0:07. the way he tells reminds me of Joker in Dark knight.

PhootPhetishPhilip !

Be funny if he played the actual Muggsy Bogues in a game of online chess haha


better than the 1.9 update and the 1.7 update!!!!

Khoirulloh Van Hotten

All you can heard from this video is huzzzzzzz and tap tep tcop


Nice. -)


Might've checked out a few games of alireza's

Emir Sorensen

C4 then Rh1 is good isnt it?

Rivqyah's Craft Corner

Really enjoyed this video - more things to learn and do :)


I just realized what a platter was

Joe Palaia

this is offensive to vscos and their's much more to them than and i top sksksk sorry guys i actually love you but you are incorrect about vscos their actually nice.

Diego Chavez

Son personas muy ricas pero con muy mala actitud. Sin opcin.

Mateo Matt

You’re a magician! So beautiful.

Insatiable Lechery

I love adgamator man. He seems like a boring person. But he actually looks like a fun person to be around


Linux is and always will be genius... I don't completely understand genius but I respect it

Paul Bialozor

Great Project...The Music, however, was simply too loud and your voice was just too low. During the periods of music vs voice I had to keep adjusting volume on my end which was annoying to say the least. You may want to resolve this in the future as one's taste in music is like one's taste in Wine, to some it's GREAT while to others it's VINEGAR. Cheers...

Way Too HyperNova

this is what the king's chart says so you don't have to waste time like meWe're rich!!(Party time!)We're losing money!!(Still party time)We have no money!!(Party to forget)Heads are gonna roll!(Lol, jk keep partying)


Do I really have to remember all this? how...

Mark Anthony

One of those girls where you know she’s gonna be good looking from the sound of her voice alone