Mind-blowing chess!This positional play is like alpha zero.I was looking around YT this morning, and certainly your video is the best on this game.14:31 Doesn't 16.Can u castle queens side if "B" was threatened cuz in that case the king is not passing through a threat 2 if the rook is threatened can u castle.

I think if Tesla had his way we would have the magneticelectrical ideas to make the ultimate version of this.I was making it to store my cymbals in.Craftbot's suck.Recognized 3 move out of 5 within few seconds but couldn't guess the castle part (never occur that it was even possible)and the very first one.Is this an unorthodox opening?Well what can I say, amazing work,as a beginner with limited space projects like that can be really useful :D.I feel so guilty that I literally feel like crying.Novak Djokovic the Best.

Dog storage holes on the side with small magnets to hold them in place down one side or both sides.Still Ra5 is recommended or Ra6 or any waiting move?I love your videos and your way of preparing thingsthank you!I've had this game over 20yrs, not played for a long while, i remember changing the rules as to the capturing the king, it was impossible to surround him on 4 sides.Do not be upset about bubbles, countertop will not remain pristine for very long anyway.The continuation has always been 5.How many pancakes can u make with this recipe.In my brain, I knew it.Edit: I can't even draw it 2D!

The brandy in

The brandy in

I just wanna say, all of them waster paper, they did just that.Last one simply phenomenal.Kevin you shood make a video on fischer vs spassky from the world championships.I should be writing an Essay for tomorrow rn but I am watching a Video About procrassinationCEO of Procrassination.And make it if its was your personal grimoire.Dear Agadmator,Chess is a game of unlimited beauty, but it's not just checks and attacks.

My neighborscalled the police for playing this too loud.Due to the smell it makes.I only wish I watched this first.You have to quit Somewhere!1st time I've seen Morphy lose.By bringing out the rook you also threaten the full extension of the bishop, alternatively if black queen takes the pawn on d7 she has a defender in her bishop opening the lane and seemingly giving the advantage to black.


what if white plays h3 ? at 3:48


Love the way you have done that, impressive finish.

Red Ruby

The visualisation was really helpful thanks!

Maryanne Bishop-Brown

Not suitable for vegans although there are quite a few vegan cheeses appearing on supermarket shelves. It was one of the hardest things for me to give up. I still struggle with chocolate

Abdul Basit

this muic makes me happy and want to do magic


You da man!

Diana Ashton

Loved your video of how to build my own stove. Very important in case of an emergency. Never heard of that freeze dried food before but made a note of it and will order for sure. I am aware of the military food that lasts for years and am also planning on buying that as well.

Nice freemyX

This trash talk is just annoying