1. Hell Chess Academy Arena

But sacrifice queen and tie is ok.At 8:24Wouldn’t bishop to d5 as white be the best move here?I'll keep saying it, my biggest concern is how will the general public react towards this new virus here in the USA, I'm certain that mass hysteria and mass panick won't help at all.

What about doing like a

What about doing like a

Lol love how you comment about how noisy it is.If they are trying to maintain public confidence by putting a minimizing airhead in front of a camera, they have only succeeded in annoying people.Thanks for the compliment.Thumbed up the vid before watching it.Black wants to avoid fried liver attack.Yeah but that peice of paper would be the thiccness of LIKE ALOT but it will look liike a piece of string.It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Who is in airport now?

Who is in airport now?

This can actually be done with any number to any power (so long as you have enough cards).Many ThanksPhil Goulding.It sounds like you're saying "SpongeBob 3D" when you're talking about the slicer.Seriously wtf I dont understand how it's so hard to make a good game.What are the benefits of using an abstract method than common approach.One of the best work benches I’ve ever seen !Very nice work man!This guy is good!I never thought of Pi in a different base but decimal and I was surprised to see that in base 8, Pi is something like 3,11 instead of 3,14.

Yup u r right, matter of the fact was it was 3rd game and at the time i wanted to try somthing else so i made the queen move, also i guess he played e5 only for that reason as he quickly want to open somelines and try to attack on my queen.Techmoan opens with Grob's attack, and the computer responds with a6.Definitely a good skill to have, and seems like it would be a very exciting hobby.That new building is ugly as hell!What a nonsense.Hahahaha kok gampang bgt yah keliatannya.

Ceci Martinez

"Do you have a killer move for the audience?''Me literally dying already from that question

nguyen quang

Lke this


bluedasher23 If White exchanges off his queen just to win a pawn, the fact that he's already down two pawns will most likely cost him the game. The reality is his position is worth more than a pawn as is, so he wants to keep his queen on the board and go for an attack that will cost Black a lot more.

Wolficorn Doggo

Ngl you could bing watch these ads


Words fail me. That was so well scripted and executed that even I think that I may understand. Not about to try to do it, but I'm slowly learning some of the mysteries of machining. Thank you for teaching This Old Tony and your guitar playing is getting so good that for a moment I thought that Django was right there, next the hampster, in the geary section of your lathe. You Da Man!


worst clip you ever did !

mac the drummer

Was it him that said at a trial " i wish you all had one neck" ?

ASMR touch

Three years old and 19lbs...Fucking pieces of garbage


U forgot the stream gambit!!

Golden Piece

OMG! Here is our next jam coming!!! Guys

Akash Nadar

This is real sportsmanship!!MAGNUS CARLSEN you are the real champion!!!!The highest rated playwr 2883 ELO

Dontay Lucero

We're only hearing one side of these stories.. just sayin

Shay A

Great story antonio , why dont you show aronian vs mvl games ? Very exciting )

Ravi Raj

please sir make video on given link.

Sanket Patil

It was very easy to find that mate in 5....


Amazing trap and easy to learn. thanks.

bobby joe young 2 because stephenG blocked me

People blame the parents but maybe he deserved a hammer to the head and maybe they were trying to do the world a favor hahaha


You notice how all his videos are 50-55 minutes?? It’s so that he doesn’t get paid his hourly wage

manuel santiago

Levente Lengyel got 9 draws against this strong field . Who is(was) Levente lengyel?, anybody there?. Seventeen rounds of chess with 2anda half hours for the first 40 move plus you could seal the last move , games were a marathon.

Jonathan Jackson

Racists Game. Whites go first.Kings of Europe vs Kings ofAfrica.

Chris Ordway

How was it a draw when Magnus ran out of time?