1/4 WW - 40 kg: C. LAZAR (HUN) v. M. CHESSA (ITA)

Anyone know what thickness is of top, sides and backs are of these beautiful guitars?I had no idea you got that machine nos.17:08 wouldn’t Qg5 win the rook?I bought one for mine but it was too large and I haven't been able to find one the right aize.

Shout-out to dode for the shell skipp.I plan to come back for arefresh and to dig deeper into understanding everything in part 2 of the book.A nice victory by Nakamura with the black pieces, very well played!Likely because of a weaker immune system.

I had heard about the "color coded vinyl" for different genres.I like how daniel doesnt care about the money hes a good person.Table saw wo sled v miter saw?The colors of wood are just amazing.That is fantastic.First Magnus frustates a draw requestthen caruana changes everything with his bishop exchange.As someone pointed out, this isn't checkmate.

Shame for these guys.While it is clear that '45s' don't touch when stacked, is there not a problem with the discs slipping?I seen an orb after he touched the finger.Need to spend some time deciphering this attack.E nht huyn ri hk thi cm huyn.

Excellent presentation, as always and in fact a pleasure to watch this for the second time.Torx screw your favorite!Give me skin gusion im not skippin you video ign: GOODZY.Motch Love from Sweden.Oops, forgot to ask, what were the starting measurements of your initial 3 board blanks?Heheee, kidding om.THIS is the time when Warren Buffet buys stocks by the ton because it all rebounds.It is a 4'x8 sheet of plywood with six legs.What can we use other than whipped cream and nutrela.IMO, you wanna learn programming?

Please can you suggest a book for

Please can you suggest a book for

Pawn can kill opponent pawn when it is left or right.Is she the red woman from ''Walk like an Egyptian''?Your videos are gold my friend.Now I need a custom paint job on my bike.All these silly comments about how players don't take risks these days.You may mean bishop.Zachary Woodford.Remember, white is always right!

don Patonom

lol. 11...0-0 12.g4 h6 13. Qg3 Nbd7? 14. Qxd6 indeed g4 is for suckers


my opponents always play nf3 so i dont play this anymore

the gaming egg

There was also another checkmate in the end the moves where rocks takes black’s rock with check , Knight takes back and after any type of queen checks on the G file , it’s mate next move

Josh Underwood

Love the cutting boards you create.I will be trying some of my own but was curious where you get your custom name plates that you attach to each one.

Jerry Marbas

13:06 why can the rook taking f2 be "ignored"

Surreptitious Writings

2:41:07"..now a real man here would play g5."

Gabriela Ilie

The best duo!

Photog 1

Looking at your local Home Depot, I guess I'm lucky.I have a large lumber shop nearby that will load sheet goods for the customer (great selection, true to size).Since I have a Suburban, sheet goods will lie flat inside the truck and be protected from the weather.If I buy from the orange big box store, the flat lumber cart is the same height as the rear of my Suburban...just open the doors, roll the cart forward, and simply slide the sheets into the vehicle.But on another note, I try to avoid buying sheet goods from the big box places...too much variation in the thickness of the plywood sheets.


You coulda just uploaded JJ whole 2nd for part 2 cuz he BODIED jakk

Olda Covarrubias

Your voice is creepy


WHO are you talking to?

Othman Tazi

Very good job ! Is there an STL file about the boat ? Thanks

Dhruvit Prajapati

Chakky is a trouble for any world champion or chess superstar whatever.. it is confirmed many times!