12 years Old Mikhail Tal's Amazing Game | Star is Born : MIkhail Tal

He copied flex glue clear on Phil swith!Thank you a lot it's owesome.And buy 4 at regclub prices.Please sir make cricket bat!Make in english.Since September!The surrounding surface is glass, might try Sharpie PAINT marker next.Who all here for the money u will get for finding 100M digit prime number (150k I believe).

Sir namaste Machines ke beech game ki video banaye naa.That vase at 2:44.Are we having fun yet?There is a center point where the clamp shuts fully and flat Or pulls along end price.Com from sharing my progress in blitz on social media, glad its possible to earn money for something i already enjoy sharing.Nbd2 %clk 01:36:41 Re8 %clk 01:26:03 10.

Very nice, I can see a lot of love and skill went into making that.Thank you so much for uploading.What they say in the end?I have watched every one of your videos, or close to it!What's the point if you can't even set up in the middle?Thank you for this knowledge, liked and subscribed!Maybe, 2 months ago, that team would have had a plan in place - and having plenty of face masks would have been part of that plan.For the uniformed - what was illegal about drilling holes for gears - the type of steel, the angles, drilling holes, or humor while making gears?

Number 6 was

Number 6 was

I do the same thing when i small.Beautiful game by Michail Tal, the magician from Riga just pulled some rabbits out of his hat again!You're possessed, Moe.Why does he have a tv or able to use the internet.Derek Medina was charged with thirst da murder.Fakt super prcika :-).

5"in next year's chaotic playing square pattern chessboard project.What is the story behind Anna and Botez?My dad is a mechanic.Lol oh my god I'venever laughed so hard omg, pulling him out of the igloo like that geez so funny but guys he gonna have frozen balls for a wee while lol.And definetly wrong wood to turn in this low speed.Before i grasp a move, 3 more moves are played.A suggestion for long over hang is to bore and thread the opposite end of the bar so that you can add a bar with weights.Theres even more dangerous things to think of like murdering you or murdering your sister.Except for the actual board LOL!

I'm not against saving time and

I'm not against saving time and

How do I increase my visualization first?How nice it would be if geometry would be always so easy.It's 2 hours long.Under check ang black.Isnt the first opening englund gambit.This dude's life story sounds like its told straight out of a typical anime prodigy story.Pawn push checks him again and his only flight square is also forking his Queen.Knight to g6, now that is a douche move.My grandfather made many pieces of furniture with this pattern using scrap wood.

Getting released in

Getting released in

Bravo, Mr Bates.Joe got the greatest laugh ever.Or maybe the sphere sanding jig that costs virtually nothing to build but saves many man hours of work.I like this traps.Queen to f6 than after horse to e7.Spelling of Friday is wrong.What if it is a torus planet.The video is great but has many inaccuracies and it is incomplete.It's just enough space for that.Does this look like a neural net to anyone?

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Great video

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This is so much guessing, how can this be a strategy? there are so many possibilities for the opponents moves


Tommyman has too much respect against Carlsen, played with fear


In future the World Chess champ will be the person who can recite pi out the most digits .Wait computers already have calculated out to 2 quadrillion.


hi sweetie thank you so much for all your videos!a questiondoes this cream crust once refrigerated? thanks


how do you win K vs K and a few more pieces?

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for android like this game please (offline)

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Hey! I was curious if you have any plans to make a video covering lambda expressions and LINQ queries?also, thank you for taking the time to do these videos. I love this entire playlist and can't wait to move into your .net core server playlist.

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got it! lol


How come no ASA man


God ... I’m a beginner and find this shall be what I shall learn


So much star wars:)

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Why white king can't go to g1

Muhammad Hafiz

Iwaw jago banget

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11:53N-e7 K-h8P-f4 B-h4P-f5smoke the King out

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13:52 me pointing at my stepmom


0:35 lmaooooo

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And howgo youcalculated 'Luck' ?