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Im a simple man.0:39 how is Rook F7 a legal move ?The jewelry box is beautiful!Chess but with gun.Will be sending a donation shortly!Danny is so butthurt and salty.

Can you estimate on average what is

Can you estimate on average what is

Time stamps please.2 in walla walla wa now with the virus they are thinking about canceling schools tomorrow, one private school got canceled today and know one is reporting on this.Just hearing his stream of thought as he plays has helped improve my own thinking over the board.Ma che cazzo fate,animali.Just wondering if this would work branding on a thin cheese wooden box like what you get when you buy camembert cheese?

I thought the title says Magnus Carlsen secretly has a crush on Jan Gustafsson lol.TrickyMate laid an aggressive trap on your queen I did not see coming.This doesn't work because the king will eat y'all.Still pretty cool though.Doesn’t Vidit kind of look like Hayden Christensen?Naayinta moneee range illettt Attath kaateett loada aakiyathaaaAth neee ingana aakkiyello maha papeeee.At 7:11 you say "check"but that was the Queen.I can tell you who's not winning and it's that mans hairline.Using similar triangles (as she does in the proof) you can give the same proof, no extra machinery needed.

Please re-check the facts and correct

Please re-check the facts and correct

There is another set out there I really love but the price tag is too rich for me.Antonio already achieving Mythical status.Thanks sir for sharing.Kaluoy gid ba nabali ang aya bokok.Would you ever try making one out of marble and wood?13:47 why some players have big heads, and the others small ones, but they all play chess at the same level.He didn't even notice.

BTW thanks for the knowledge share.

BTW thanks for the knowledge share.

I dont remember his name but I’m pretty sure even if this guy is morphy he isn’t right simply because of this game.When is the HELLO EVERYONE?Those are allot of magic numbers lol.Louis rapid blitz.Brilliant player!

Might make a set of 2 like those.Why didn't he do bishop d3.Great video, very educational.I got Romantic lol.Plugs are called bungs don't use a dowel for god sakes the grain is going the wrong way!Haha He's a good man, and a good sport!What am I missing here.

66 Euros) The devil has been confirmed.You have turned coding into an art.Thats is ilegal Qg2 gows toQf4.What Walmart has these for $250?This is like the island where those blue eyed idiots live but easy enough for me to understand.Everyone who do something with ice or icesnow they use chainsaw.

falcon dew

Who's waiting to see the Morphy defense by Morphy himself?

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If $25 is cheap for pasta just how poor am I

Tomos Halsey

let's see how many pretentious chess players we can collect on this page...

Claude Vanlalhruaia

He sees position like no other, the way he exploits and how he exploits, they seem so easy and intuitive even simple but that's because he comments on it. But, man chess is truly his second or perhaps first nature.