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Still great job!Perfect for russians.This is an amazing piece, great work!Fischer's build-up after Gligoric sets up in the Sicilian is beautiful.Please be real for once if not then dont do it at all cause I'm looking for real.Grass can eat cabbage but not fast enough.

What type of wood would you suggest to use for this project.Anlaki na ni (young) Malia ng La luna sangre.When he moved rook to D8 he was also protecting his trapped knight.I need all level especially the end game it's so hard in fact I never tried the end game so this lesson is needed.I ordered another lathe hoping I can manufacture parts for the watchmakers lathe.When your dumb friend actually asks a smart question.At 6:05 what would happen if black move king to d8 then c8And by the way, thank you for the amazing game.

If you don’t know what factorial is, it’s the number, minus 1, then multiplying that number, and so on.And they see rite through it!Understanding chess endgames needs to be revised.At 6:45, QxE seems promising.Not critical if you are say clamping drawers together but if you are building a bunk bed it pays to know a bit about the actual toughness of your fastener.Wow this man is a carpenter, blacksmith, wheelwright, welder, wagon maker, designer.Tom scared me XD.At 5:38 if whites h pawn doesn't take the knight, it could be checkmate if knight goes e4 it's a discover check and mate, assuming white didn't move his king and the e4 square is safe.To me the knight is more valuable than the rook and the bishop specially at the beginning !This is what I've been looking for for years.

Why does Skip act

Why does Skip act

This is the first time I've seen a game end like this.(2) is basically x3 - 1 0, therefore we can write it as (x-1)(x2x1) 0 (3)Now look at (1) and (3).Terrible beat for vidit?Obliviate - 1:46.Or rather- at play.Just my opinion.So this a movie about hotnot male rape.

Very instructive.Super proud and stoked for you guys and skies to see how far you’ve gone with the dedicated hours and hard work you’ve put in.I don’t get why they dont make them with something to tie around your shoes to control easier.Al Pacino goes back to Italy in Godfather I, but he does not kill anyone there.Also, did you start with turning blanks?Some wrong words in Czech subtitles.Some one can explain me this?

It’s like GrayStillPlays and DF in the same person.Teaching is passing knowledge on, you can not pass it onto yourself.These games are so out of this world.White's move 3 looks more like b4 than c4.Top 3 best retroclassic tech YouTubers - technology connections - techmoan - 8bit guy.Why did firemarshal resign?

Likewise, if your too dumb to realize what is safe and what is not, you deserve what happens to you.Wouldn't that be checkmate?Chris Matthews terminated!What about a circular saw for track?My decision maker: there is only 90 days left for Graduation exam let's study now My Monkey : let's watch all the video of procrastination in YouTube I will kill you monkey i will kill youuuuu.When the game ends the pipes don't restart they just stay where they are, when i hit restart a whole new set of pipes come over the previous pipes.12:04 that vigour though.The list is too long.

Black Hole

Finally found it it took me half hour

Vocalpro International


Felix Reuss Sibilis

What's that at 0:17?


did anyone else go on craigslist and look for older ratchet sets?


and the whole video didn’t explain much where gold comes from !!!!!

Anders Carlsson

Great look to this one. New lighting/camera for christmas?


Hi, first of all i love your Videos andB. how long did you work on this knife ? Greetings from Germany :)

Jake Baldwin

So basically our of all this what I'm hearing is.... pirates in the days of old had it right. " 'X' marks the spot boys!.. and then we drink"

My boy is JEFF!!!!

this was 10 days after my 4th brithday

americo alexsander molina perez


Andres R. Torres

Las 5 aperturas del ajedrez ms perturbadoras

Tom Patterson

1/0 =

XxMLGxX And other stuff

Didn't Parth beat Fischer in another game? (I'm using last names)

alfatih hisbah


Donaka Vite

Dude, Jan, do you even read any of these comments? Your commentary is the best.

Caillous Step Dad

Im so sorry but did anyone else listen to this and picture a walking dead fanfic in their head after hearing Coral and Norman lmfao