06| Expert Backgammon - Mathematics of Games and Puzzles - Arthur T. Benjamin

Xin link ti vs ad i.Laughed way too hard at that song syncing with Grischuk's walking style!"Let's take a break from the action to watch some paint dry".Enoo rojula naa doubt ki clarify echaru broMeeru I like u r hard work god bless you Anna.Just found you and subscribed As a 62 yo newbie I am amazed at the great learning I am getting.But the rest videos are cool.I exactly know what you're talking about and experiencing what you're talking about.She’s not getting a profit, so the bag must have cost the shopkeeper $200 which is why she was even with no loss or gain initially.

Pathetic to watch these two chatterbox openly supporting, licking Naka for a win.To people at the end barely where going wild.I found this soda can.After 2 days, the expected number of seeds turned to apples trees is 3 32.JUST LIKE THAT !He says Bottnick.Some other videos are sooooo daaaaamn slooooow.You pour the rice into the area to see how much epoxy you need to mix up.

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I wanna actually express myself

I wanna actually express myself

Why do occuping the Center is important instead of exchanging the piece?How to Basic Will solve it faster.I use salvaged PVC sections for steam chambers for pieces small enough to fit in them more thanmy wooden chamber.I AGREE WITH THE TORY LANES SAMPLING THE OLD IS A CHEAT.I would like to comment.

Queen hung at

Queen hung at

Galing ng bata daig pa ako.Wolve: Checkmate.This breaks the pin on the knight, defends the pawn on c5, and threatens the queen.Perhaps for a future episode.Neden konuurken geveliyo yaw.Master wood worker for sure.Leather edges would have been better burnished than planed back stiching would have given better look and waterproofing is a must but thats all nit picking really i just left wondering if there is anything this guy cant do and do well.Thanks for the upload, but how did you "suspect" so early on that it was Carlsen?They are both being paid to lose by different crooks.I absolutely love it.

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Why don't you play in titled arena

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if one of these mfs on fire is gonna get at JJDD, it damn sure won't gonna be Chess..

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So basically you can't substitute the original equation in a modified original equation.


Morphy: sees check-mate in 5 with blind fold.Me: misses check-mate in 1 with wide open eyes.


When you say, "Now you had to find this move, rook b8", I had seen rook b4 instead, which ends up with B 5 p vs R, and didn't look any further. But I am surprised that Capa missed or chose not to play the rook sac at a2, because if you are losing I would expect a variation that gives you 2 connected passers on the 6th - with the rook out of the way -would be like flashing neon. But maybe, as you suggest,he thought his way worked without requiring a sac.

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Bobby Fischer would hav thrown that water bottle into the crowd


beautiful, but i think the finish kinda made it ugly.

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Steve, thank you for the great videos, I am learning so much.Question.I need to build a wooden gate for my mom's fence, but it is not going to be made of fence board.It will be decorative.Do I need to use treated lumber?All of it is so ugly and not the look I want.Can I used an oak or something similar and treat it to be weather proof?Or just build it and it lasts as long as it lasts?


wow that was pretty intense i like how pawns kill, loltip them over and nudge them off

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Is it possible that blondie was a program? a player that is just manhandling GM'S like that?? and that 2875 rating!!


Black does not have to move pawns in the last example, can move king around and force white to move pawns